Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Replay and The Kite Runner.

By Hameem:

For a long time, lack of intrest and time, i haven't managed to finish one single book. January's first week, my godfather sent me two books. They decorated my bookshelf till the third week on february. I was over headed reading novels which were senseless and plain. You already guess the endings and have a feeling like you wasted your time.

I began Replay of Ken Grimwood first. My godfather told me it was good and he told me the truth. It's a very deep novel about a man who's stuck in a time. In a 1963-1988 period. And he lives this part of his life a plenty of time. It's all about what he tried to build in his diffrent versions of life and it lost.

Constantly he serached fir love and happiness. Reminds the hindou theory of seven lifes. This book have shaken all i think about life and troubled me enough to think about the possibility : what if really occurs?

But the second book won a place in my top ten list. Like jun ling a chinease true childhood story. It's called Les cerf-volants de Kaboul, The kite runner in English. Written by Khaled Hosseini.

The scene sets in pre-war Afghanistan. The main chracter Amir is a rich merchand's son, His servent Hassan, his mate in everything : age, games, secrets, stories and kite contests. The former is sunni and the latter is chia. The first attends school yhe other prepares first's breakfast, iron his uniform... They love reflecting light by mirors to irritate the passerbys, reading Shahnamey at the top of the hill near there house.

In addition of being an orignal narration of an afghani childhood, a place we know, a culture we can understand, a common religion, lamguage and environment links, what made this book extraordinry is the chracter of Hassan. The loyal,trustwothy,respectfull man. Who i don't know how managed to consider his friend like his master. His aptitude of smiling whatever happened to rassure othhers. His devotion ,sincierity to ward Amir, his faith in god is just too rare. And i wonder if people like him can exist.
This book is a packet of courage and pain. A message of hope. A shade of love and friendship.

Written by an afghano-american writer Khaled Hosseini, The kite runner is a must have read book. Totally another register from Harry potter, twilight. Because this time, you know people are really living this way.

He has also written Mille soleil splendides the english name in raafay's bookshelf. : )

I also wanted to point out that instead of being muslim these people don't treat sunni and chia in the same way. But remember God loves all his creatures in the same way. 8D

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