Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Milad Ceremony!

Posted by Hameem.

The first sunday of holidays , mom annouced that we received an invitation for Milad and asked if we wanted to accomapany her. I said yes but later i regret.

First of all because i thought they would recite naats but we were asked before to recite sourat Yacine 72 times! And an old lady there kept saying to cover my head completely, though my hair ere cut short and my scarf was silky. Yes i agree, i wasn't well prepared but this madame was irritating me. Then her daughter, in the 20s called me "little " . I replied in my head: baby yourself ! I'm passed 20 too! Even if it wasn't far in time.

Fortunately, came a lady who knew by heart the sourat and she liduided soon the hole stuff. But it didn't finish there. They brought date seed,to count duroods on. The old lady restrated her monologue. Trying to teach us a long and difficult durood. Why don't you let children recite whatever durood they feel easy to recite ? What intrest do you have to show your knowledge to children ? Wanting to compare ?

Trying to not to reply, i distracted myself playing with my seeds. I drew a benzène and add somme hairs. Wrote my name till the seeds lacked ... like this :

She look at me wierdly but kept quiet. Good for her !
In this milad were girls: slight make up, scarfs on their head, white dresses touching their toes, white trousers. Some of them wore those bazari fancy suits with a little work. I just can't understand this type of people. The second day,when you meet them in the street , they are dressed up like occidentals. Tee shirt, Bottom jeans ,High heel, heavy make up. You just wonder whether they are the same persons.
Personally, i think it's very hypocritical. Who are they trying to cheat on ? If not themeselves. But in other person theory, it's being practical. i can imagine, it's difficult to cope with two identities abroad. But then what's the sharam they talk to me in milad? aristotle said choose the mid way. Rejecting the two extreems.
Come back to Milad. This old lady, after somme naat, told the children the story of prophet Muhammad's birth. She was so subjective that i wanyed to stop her saying ****.
She added deyails like : the prophet's indew was in shahadat position. Or if he was smiling at his birth. Or the vision of Hazrat Amna during yhe birth.
I was totally out og me. And wanted to ask her for her sources. Recently i saw a film called three idiots . Ans it contained a scene of birth which we as we are all grown up forgot to skip. And this worth me one of tgose very very long and boring lectures of my mom who caught us red handed.
Whereas this old lady was relating with details the story of birth. Notice the DETAILS and nobody objected. I found it paradoxal. Mom explained that Milad is related to moloud and wiladat. So it was kind of normal. Since i fail to understand. This is exactly the same topic ! Totally unlogic...
Perhaps my words are shocking. But i'm trying to bind logic and religion. Faith and understanding, and people.

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