Friday, December 2, 2011


Silence grows into a never ending pain
a time less prison
a star less night
alone in the dark I try to extend
my hand into nothingness
an awful sight,nothing to hold onto
promises were just dry words
for no one cares about another heart
alone we are
born alone
die alone
but yet some of us are foolish enough
to fall for the illusion that we are not
alone we think illusion is reality
and then when illusion ends we blame reality
cold reality , harsh reality
what is there in this world which is not harsh?
how ironic and pathetic can a person be?
caging down the person he loves the most
thinking hes protecting 
but in reality hes breaking the other person
i know it doesn't mater but hold my hand
don't let me go
extend my illusion, never let it end
I'm afraid of being lost in the sea of sorrows
show me the light so that i can
pass through this darkness
don't end my illusion...

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