Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poverty, Pakistan, Britian and our Leaders.

Asif Ali Zardari

Easy Jet is one of the many cheapest Air lines of United Kingdom which opened in the early 21st century. Its motto has been to promote tourism all over Europe. Before the introduction of these Air Lines, Air traveling was very costly in Europe and due to this reason only those people could afford to travel who were very rich and had a yearly income of about 40-50 thousand pounds.

After 9/11 Civil Aviation industry was hugely damaged and many Airlines were closed. Looking at this many Airlines started the cheap service due to two reasons. Firstly, they wanted to make use of the old planes and secondly to let the middle class people travel by plane and these Airlines have done wonders.

The tickets of these Airlines are cheaper than taxi or train that's why millions of people in Europe travel weekly. If you book the ticket one month in advance it is even cheaper than a bus fare.
All the seats in the plane are economy class and nothing such as tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner but these facilities can be availed by payment on the spot. Almost 2000 of such flights are launched daily with 50-60 lakh people traveling daily. The rent of these flights are between 2-10 pounds.

Almost 10 days ago a big incident took place in the history of Easy Jet. That day the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron traveled to Spain via Easy Jet. They in fact went there to celebrate the Birthday of Samantha Davis. Both of them stayed in Spain for two days, and because it was a private tour they did not use the official Plane of the PM. All the cost was paid by the Prime Minister himself and bought the cheap ticket of Easy Jet. The stayed in a normal three star hotel and the rent of the room was 114 pounds. He didn't have any protocol or security and came back after staying in Spain for two days.

You see the economic condition of Britain, its volume is 7 trillion dollars. Its per ca pita income is 36496 dollars. PM of UK has the most advanced Air Jet which has the latest communication system, it has conference room, bedrooms etc. The PM has his own official car flat. Yet you see David Cameron going to Spain privately and walked in the streets on foot.

You can also take the example of India, where the PM wearing such a simple dress, Sonia Gandhi wearing a simple Sari, the CM wearing a simple Dhoti etc.

But you saw our PM Yousuf Raza Gillani wearing 3 imported suits on the same day. Then you can come back to the comparison with UK. Pakistan's per ca pita income is 1051 dollars. 8 billion people are living below the poverty line, we have 60 billion dollars of debt, and a country where the use of flour has come down by 18% due to poverty. Then you see the life style of our leaders, they travel in most advanced planes, their Jets stay on the Foreign Airports for weeks and million of dollars are paid as a rent. Almost 200 people go as a delegation and Stay in five star hotels,

During the flood, President Zardari went to UK and USA, sending a week there and paying million of rupees as Parking rent while there are people in the country who don't even get to eat two piece of bread daily. How do u expect a country to be successful when the leaders are total opposite to what the normal people are. Until and unless the leaders will not correct themselves we will remain the degraded country we are and will keep on begging others.

This part has been taken from Javed Chaudhry's article 'Iss Tarha' published in 'Daily Express' on 12 April, 2011.

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