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Decision Points: The Autobiography of President George W. Bush

George W. Bush

After two years of silence 43rd President of United States of America, George W. Bush published is biography named "Decision Points". In his book George W. Bush has talked about many things that happened during his 8 year rule over America, or more so all the world. Most of the sensitive details of the book had already been available in the media yet still the book contains many things that the people did not know at the time.

Dick Cheney:
Most important story in this book is perhaps about the vice president of USA during George W. Bush's time, Dick Cheney. George W. Bush writes that he did not want Dick Cheney to be the vice president of USA for the second time running in the elections of 2004 because Bush thought that Dick Cheney influence was increasing day by day and same was the feeling among the International stage. In most of the bills the influence of Dick Cheney was easily more than the President himself so he tried his best to elect the Famous Surgeon and Senator, Dr. William Harrison as the VP but failed to do so. on the other side he also had the thought that Dick Cheney has played an important role in the attack on Iraq and he was an integral figure for this matter.

Middle East Peace Treaty:
On the point of peace in middle east former President George W. Bush writes that in 2007, there was a huge progress between Palestinian President Mehmood Abbas and Israeli President Ayhud Olmert but the progress came to a sudden halt when the Israeli President was removed from his post due to the allegations of corruption. Later he writes that He tried his best and wanted the peace treaty to be signed according to the wishes of the people of both the areas and for that He asked the Israeli President to bring the suggestions on table for him while in the mean time Palestinian President should try to convince the general public of his area that this treaty was for their own benefits. But Palestinian President was against any treaty that was made outside the office of Israeli President.

Iran's Nuclear Crisis:
President George W. Bush showed real anger and non satisfaction over the information provided by the secret agencies and other sources on the Iranian Nuclear crisis. He wrote that National Intelligence Estimate, which is a final report made after loads research and care had written that the Iran has halted its nuclear program since 2003 so after this there was no evidence for USA to attack Iran left therefore many Arab countries and Israel were angry with USA. President George W. Bush writes that he was amazed by such harsh reaction by the Arab countries and Israel over this issue. At one stage during a meeting with Shah Abdullah, President George W. Bush had to himself say that he shares the same anger with Shah Abdullah over the secret agencies.

Hisbullah and Israel:
Talking about the war between Israel and Hissbullah based in Lebanon he writes that Israel was not able to attain the results from the war. Although the Hisbullah leadership was damaged and shocked by the attack and Israel was able to make his territory safe but the poor performance of Israeli army during the war arose many questions at the international level. Israeli bombardment on the locals also raised criticism.

Syria and Israel:
President George W. Bush also wrote that on the pressure of Israel, he had made up his mind to attack the Atomic Reactor of Syria which was being set up with the help of North Korea but later on the did not bring his plans into reality. Writing about the decision of not attacking Syria he said that it would have been unfair to attack an independent country without any reason and would also create international criticism on USA. He also advised Israel not to take any such action but Israel did attack Syria's nuclear reactor because Israeli President knew what was better for their country. He denied that he gave the green signal to Israel for attacking Syria.

Water Boarding:
President George W. Bush also conformed that he had allowed the Secret Agencies and CIA to use the Water Boarding technique (A way of torture with water) on the Al Qaida's important leaders to get important information and secrets. President George W. Bush writes that it was due to the same method that the plans for attack at London Airport were disclosed.

Tony Blair, Iraq and 9/11:
About Tony Blair, President George W. Bush writes that after the attack on Iraq there was strong reaction by the British public over the attack and if was feared that Tony Blair's government might finish before time, and because of the same reason when the British parliament wanted a re vote for the Prime Minister, President George W. Bush had asked Tony Blair to reduce his support in Iraq but he refuse the request saying that he will support USA through thick and thin even if he has to lose the Prime Minister post. President George W. Bush tells the reason for the offer that he gave a lot of importance to Tony Blair and consulted him quite often over the issues of war and it was because of him that the ties between UK and USA reached new heights. In his book he was also written about the situation he had to face before attacking Iraq and the day when World Trade Center was attacked after which he began to see the world in a different way.

Donald Rimsfild:
President George W. Bush's writes about his Secretary for Defense, Donald Rimsfild with utmost stubbornness saying that when the news of torture in Abu Gharib jail broke, Donald Rimsfild gave him his resignation in a private meeting but President George W. Bush refused to accept it and asked him to continue with his post because the thought it will give a negative lesson to the army fighting in Iraq.

Attack on Iraq:
In his book President George W. Bush accepts his mistake that the reports of weapons of Mass destruction were totally wrong and baseless and that he was misguided by all the secret agencies. He also writes that all the secret agencies guaranteed him that the weapons exist and that he should attack Iraq in 2003.

Obama and Pakistan:
Fond of wars President George W. Bush did not attack President Obama in his book and hailed his decision of increasing the armed forces in Afghanistan. Although he did mention his reservations over the Afghan Policy of Obama and called it a failure. He also disclosed that he had decided to send special forces to Pakistan after the attack on World Trade Center and also made a similar decision in 2008 but could not do so because of the strong reaction of the Army Leadership back in Pakistan.

The Catastrophe of Katrina:
President George W. Bush showed great regret on the Katrina Hurricane and also felt sad that the arrangements and help should have been made a little quicker than it originally was. He wrote that he had advised the Governor of New Orleans, Katherine Blanco to take the help of the army but she refused to do so. He writes that he wanted to take action against the governor but if he had he would be blamed that the action was against the other party. He also strictly condemned the charges against him by the USA singer Kane West and called it the worst moment of his eight year reign.

Financial Crisis:
President George W. Bush also tried to prove that the bail out package the had announced during the financial crisis was for the betterment of USA and was the only way USA could have been brought out of the biggest crisis of the history. He calls the moments during which he had to take the decisions in his Oval Office the toughest so far.

President George W. Bush writes that his biggest regret during the eight years of government was that he was not able to bring Usama Bin Ladin to justice. He also writes that he is proud of his decisions and also was happy that he did not let anyone attack USA again.

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