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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Miracles of God

Praying to Allah

When Allah wants things to happen they happen such miraculously and everything falls into place so beautifully that it amazes you. For sure it is amazing. For sure it is so beautiful. A human mind just can not even think how and why and when it happened it just happens. Whenever we want something we look towards Allah, because we know no matter how sinful we are, how much wrong we do, how much we disobey him, we know that He will listen and he will let things happen if they are right for you. For sure Allah is the greatest.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Self Belief

Self Belief

Times rough and days dark,
hope was thin and bleak.
But I have come a long way,
to stand on my own two feet.
And as the road gets steep,
I will carry on with belief.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ayesha Farooq - Pakistan's First Combat-Ready Female Fighter Pilot

Pakistan's first female pilot

With an olive green head scarf poking out from her helmet, Flight Lieutenant Ayesha Farooq flashes a cheeky grin whenever she is asked how does it feel to be the first fighter pilot of Pakistan. As light as she may sound, she is proudly the first combat-ready female fighter pilot of Pakistan.

Ayesha Farooq's father passed away when she was just 3 years old. And it was her mother who has supported her all the way uptill now. “My mother raised me to be strong, to a point that if one day, I was left alone, I would be able to take care of myself,” Ayesha Farooq says with a determination on his face.

Her slim frame offers a study in contrast with her burly male colleagues. She now fly missions in a Chinese-made F7PG fighter jet alongside her 24 male colleagues in Squadron 20. While it didn't start out the perfect way being a woman, today her male colleagues treat her like one of them.

When reporters interested in her story inquire about their "female colleague," it surprises the male pilots. "They ask, 'lady? What lady? She’s just an officer, like all of us." 'It feels just like other male pilots,' she says. We do the same activities and same precision bombing.

That perhaps is her biggest success in the most complicated society when it comes to women.

Pakistan is proud of her, hopefully she will become a motivation for so many other women in the country and hopefully we will give her the recognition she deserves.

She promises to defend 'the best country in the world' with all she has, she promises to give her life if needed because that's what her late father would have wanted. I wan't to make him proud, she says, with the same usual determination on his face.

Questions Stuck in my Head

Love Questions

Written By: Anonymous. (AM)
Why not me? Just tell me this today. Even when I promised you an eternity, why did you leave? What was in her that wasn’t in me? Did you leave because she’s prettier than me? Do looks matter that much to you that the amount of my love could not overcome her beauty? Why can’t I be loved by you the way I love you? Why couldn’t I be the one to be held in your arms? Why can’t I be looked at, like you look at her? Why can’t you just pick me? Was it a hard decision choosing her over me? If it was hard, why did you even do that? You’re asking me to move on, where the hell do I go? Why can’t you just come back to me? Why did you play with my feelings? Why did you lie? Why did you tell me you loved me when she was the only thing on your mind? Was I just a side-girl? Was I just someone to kill time with? Did I even mean something to you? Why did you choose me to screw and not some other cold-hearted girl? Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? Was it all my mistake? Where did I go wrong? Did I hurt you? Why didn’t you tell me? Was it all me? Did I give you a hard time keeping up? Was I mean? Was I selfish? Actually, I am selfish. But, isn’t that what love is about? Can’t we just accept the fact that it was just love? It was love that made me act all clingy, was it annoying? Did my annoying attitude made you run to her? Does she love you the way I can? Why did you leave, anyway? Was my love not enough? Why can’t you just tell me what made you so tired of being with me? What about the promises, did you forget them? The pinpoints on the maps? The plans to kiss under the Eiffel Tower? The smiles we passed? The dreams we shared? The hopes I had? Did you even want any of that? Where did I go wrong? Why can it not be me, when to me it has always been you. Please. Tell me. I beg you. Just please let me know so I can sleep at night. I really do love you.