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The UK Life - Weekends Fly Away

Linthorpe Road

One thing is worth noticing that weekdays pass crawling and weekend just flies away, haha that's what has happened this time around at least. Maybe that's because there was no such activity for me to do.

Friday was the first day and it was the Eid day as well, at least according to what my aunt told me. To be very honest I had no idea what so ever on how to spend the day so I thought it will be a good idea if instead of staying home all day I go to the university and study a little. That's what I did and well it was a satisfying feeling even though I had no clue what I was studying.

The stop at which I went with my friend for Shawarma, I thought it will be a good idea if I try and go there myself and try it and in a way give myself an Eid lunch. The shawara was delicious I ordered one extra naan and finally there was proper roti going in my stomach, can't even tell you what a good feeling it was.

There were two exciting things on the weekend though, Liverpool's football match which they won and my day was made, the second one was Pakistan's T20 match which we lost and my mood was spoiled. I paid my rent for this month though, 4 days late but I did. Just to make up for my mood after Pakistan's loss I went out and bought another Shawarma couldn't make my mood any better but well the tummy was satisfied.

It is Monday and Eid in Pakistan and really it was such a sad feeling knowing you are away from home and family and that you wont be able to eat all those delicious foods on Eid especially the barbecue, I woke up a little late and my destination was University, spent around 3 hours in the lab and then came back and planned to do some shopping.

The thing that bothers me is the way people shop here, so mannered and planned. I went in there to buy things but couldn't really force myself to stay in the line for minutes and wait for my turn so I went out, the moment I went out I got a call from a friend that he has talked to someone about my job and that I should go and meet them, so I did. They asked me to come on Wednesday for a trial day, told me I should not ask for vacations. Hopefully this time nothing will go wrong and I will InshaAllah start working and it will be a successful stint there for me, I really want to work but then there is something that is holding me back.

Really cold outside though, it has been raining since morning and I have been trying my best to keep myself warm.

After that I actually did go for shopping, bought somethings which hopefully will be enough for me to spend the week without dying in hunger.

The UK Life - Pakistani Friends

Oxford University

University day! It was that good old feeling that I have missed for so long now. Woke up earlier than expected, but could not sleep again so I just stayed in the bed.

You know that weird habit of checking your phone again and again during your sleep or as soon as you wake up? That's what I am suffering from these days and it is an annoying habit to say the least.

I did not have breakfast today as the University started early the first lecture was really boring, the professor wasn't even in the mood of teaching as well. It was an introductory lecture anyways, but the signs of a tough few weeks were obvious as the courses are really tough.

There was a break of one hour so Mohammed and me went out to see the place, he told me he has been here for almost 6 years now due to the situation of Libya and knows the place really well. He wanted to have lunch but I was avoiding it as I had no money even though I was extremely hungry. He wanted to have Shawarma so we went to this restaurant which was full of people even when it wasn't even proper day, the Shawarma looked delicious, he ordered tea for me and you can easily imagine how does it feel when a hungry person has shawarma in front of him and he is drinking tea.

The next lecture was lab based so we were given time to look at the software and to play around with it, it looks like I will be able to do it, I mean to get an idea of it but I could easily tell all the other students are far more experienced at it. I was extremely tired and hungry but Mohammed wanted me to come with him so he could introduce me with his other Pakistani friends.

I went to his place and there was no one at the house, he wanted me to stay as his roommates will come anytime so I sat and talked with him for about one hour on the political situation and the situation of Muslims, the best and the worst part is that we all have the same problems and beliefs but we are so divided.

The first person who came, he was from Lahore and was a really nice guy, we three sat and chatted for another hour I really wanted to go but they both would not let me go as they wanted me to meet another guy who was running PTI in the area. It was around 7 PM in the evening when he came and we both talked and talked and talked about the PTI and elections. He told me about all the work he has done for PTI here and asked me to join PTI here in the UK. Another guy from Pakistan came around he was also from Pakistan and we kept talking, it was almost 9 PM when I forcefully left their place, thankfully the last guy was with me so it was easier for me to find my way back home. 

Perhaps it was the first day here in the UK when I felt really happy, mostly because I finally was able to make some Pakistani friends here, It will be too early to call them friends though, but they seem nice people. 

Came back home, made myself an omelet drank two glasses of water and now I am writing this article half sleep half satisfied.  

The UK Life - No Job for Me

Auto CAD Labs

No lecture today but I had to go for my job, I woke up early even though I slept late, just because I didn't want to be late on the first day of work. I went McDonald's at 9AM but there was no one I could meet, I went back at 10 AM there was no one I could meet, I went back at 11 AM and finally there was someone I could meet. I told him I want to start work from today and he told me they have hired someone else as my timings don't match the timings they want, he told me he will help me find another part time job I didn't say much except thanks and came back really sad.

At the same time I decided I won't be worrying about work for now and will just concentrate on studying, and maybe it was this motivation that I went to the university on the day off and practiced the software and studied for two hours. I came back and had lunch, called back home and tried sleeping early again, but you know how it has been here, could not sleep early again.

Life is tough here yes, but maybe I am making too much fuss of little simple problems, should give it some time and hopefully things will get a little better. 

The UK Life - Finally, University


There was no doubt and I could tell I was feeling nervous about my university, my eyes were dark red when I went to wash my face so it were clear signs that I couldn't sleep much. Made breakfast and got ready quickly, reached the university at around 9:45 and quickly had go for my attendance. Attendance system here is interesting, you have to scan your card on the scanner at the reception desk, even during the lectures the professor keeps a mini scanner where we scan our cards for attendance. My first lecture was at the 10th floor and I had to climb so many steps to reach the room and unfortunately the lecture had already started, but .. the professor could not come due to the traffic jam. There were several students in the class all of them had a coffee mug or something to eat in their hands, well nice way to study isn't it haha. I was finding it really weird as I was the only one taking notes of the lecture and others were staring at me like I am an alien. The first lecture was separated as the professor came late but trust me it was one of the most boring lecture I have ever attended.

Mohammed my classmate and Libyan friend was out there waiting for me, we went to the cafe where he had another mug of coffee while I just sat there and saw people, our next lecture was without a gap so we went to the lab the professor teaching here was a Pakistani which was such a big relief for me, though he is a British Pakistani but still you know, Pakistani is Pakistani. One thing I have noticed about all the professors here is that they are so so friendly and have such good sense of humor. Well we have bee taught a new software NX and it was really tough, I will have to really struggle hard for it, oh and I had a cupcake to eat thanks to Mohammed. He wanted me to meet another Pakistani friend of his who supports PTI but I was too tired for it. He said he should be given a Pakistani visa as most of his life he has been living with Pakistanis and knows so much about Pakistan.

I came back and made lunch and after that all I have done is to sit and lay down and sit and lay down and try to sleep, I am writing this quickly as hopefully tomorrow if all goes right InshaAllah I will start working too so life will get busy, good night.

The UK Life - Skills test Result

Self Cooking

I had a day off on Monday but had to collect the result of my skills test from the University in the afternoon, I called Vishak and asked him when he will be free so we could go and pick up our results together. Most of my day was spent reading about the different courses I was gonna study and getting used to some of the online learning techniques. More of a person who likes book in hand instead of reading from the internet or a pdf fine, but well anyways looks like I will have to get used to this stuff. Well I went to take the result and to my surprise I had the highest marks among all the international student, the course was optional for me now but Vishak forced me to take up the course as he will get bored so I did, in any case if will improve my skills, well hopefully. There was nothing much to do later at night so I tried sleeping early. Oh and btw this was the first day when I actually made my breakfast and lunch myself. Talking about sleeping early, so well I could not sleep early, tried so much to sleep early but this exercise was fruitless and wasted my two hours, finally slept though, a little nervous about my first day tomorrow, let's hope it will be a good day. 

The UK Life - The Sun is Shining

Sunshine in London

Friday we just had one session from 10 AM to 1 PM with a lunch at the end. I felt like I have been isolating myself and not going out much so I decided to skip the university and go out and try things that I have been avoiding. So I went to the Town center and spent almost two hours looking at things around, on how do people buy them and what are the prices of the things. It was the first day that the sun was out so I went to the nearby park and sat there in the sunshine for about one hour. I also went out bought a shawarma and then a pepsi bottle can and came back to the apartment and gave myself a good tasty and well deserved treat. Got really emotional at the end of the day though, suddenly started missing home and family. These are tough times really, will write about them separately.

This boy was shivering so much today, I went and asked him if he was alright, he told me yes he was dancing/moving on the music. That’s how my Saturday started, it was the most boring day perhaps as I just sat in my room, watched a cricket match and then the Liverpool vs Everton football match which ended in 1-1 draw and made me sad, I went out again and bought another shawarma, and right now I am writing this article so you know, most of the day in front of the laptop doing work. Oh and also setting up my new sim.

The UK Life - A Weird Day

Student Group Work

Thursday was a busier day we had induction lectures from 9 am to 4 pm so most of my day was spent at University, the first induction lecture was an interesting one, we were made to play a weird card game the aim of the game was to help us find our qualities and negative points and believe you me, the game really worked, I belonged to the green group after all sorts of the analysis that was done on us, it was fun.  They asked us to make 4 groups. Red, Yellow. Blue. Green depending on the color we like. I went to the Green. Sadly I was the only one in the Green group. So the people who were undecided were asked to join the groups randomly. So the Chinese aunty* (with due respect but she was 30) came running to my group saying oh I don't know about the color but this guy's funny. The activity started and we had to write down the points about organizing an event, we just had two minutes. Whenever I started writing she held my hand and stopped me from writing saying lets talk. I was like hey? It is an activity and we are in a group... we don't have much time. She was like who cares? This is waste of time. I pinched her hand so she let go of my hand and then moved to the next table :)

The UK Life - Induction Lectures

International Student Welcome

Wednesday was official welcome from our department of Science and Engineering, we gathered in a big room we were given presentations on the courses and the department, we also got our timetables and the course outlines as well, it was an hour long session then we were taken to the main hall where the dean gave us a lecture of about one hour, he personally asked me how I was liking England and if I was having any problems here, to be honest people here are really nice and friendly. I made one Chinese friend she was the only one in her course and wanted to change her course, I forgot to ask her name and after that could not find her anywhere among the same looking Chinese girls which was rather embarrassing. There was also another Libyan guy who turned out to be my class fellow, by the looks of it he was really nice as well, he asked me if I support Imran Khan, I told him yes I do, he told me then we can be friends as Imran Khan is the only person who is sincere to Pakistan, I somehow felt really proud and ashamed at the same time. After the events we had a buffet in which we were served variety of foods and that too halal, I was eating most of the dishes for the first time in my life but I was really hungry. One interesting thing that had happened was that whenever someone asked me what’s my name? I told them it’s Raafay, and they were like, oh itsRaafay, what a nice name. It happened with me almost three times, don’t know if I am dumb or they are stupid.