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A Sleepy Serious Senseless Blog Post


Too sleepy to write anything but just feel like writing so if this article makes no sense to you, don't mind.

Forgive your .... Oh .. umm I forgot what I had to write here. This strange observation came in my mind and I thought I should write something about it, just got off my mind though.

So well, there is something I notice a lot in people. When you talk to someone initially, people show different kinds of responses. Some will talk to you so freely that you will think you both click, some will be so reserved that you will regret you started talking with them, some people will give you that feel they want to know you, some will give that feel they won't take you seriously.

A Chance was all it'd Take


Written By: Hayah Iqbal 

I don’t know what and why it happened. You say I’m the one to be blamed. But to whatever you think, here’s the return. I don’t know who your closest ones are. Neither have I teamed up with anyone. And after everything you are still placing the blame at me? That I withdrew? That ‘I’ walked away? Tell me how? How is it that I am the reason why WE collapsed? Tell me how more than a month long silence is justifiable.


 Written By: K. A.

It's funny how life treats you with such cruelty sometimes
It expects you to be brave but gives you no thread to hold on to
You freak out, you cry, you burn and you die from the inside at times
Because you know that even though you're surrounded by people still no one loves you.

It's funny how you die from the inside every single day
But you don't let the world know of this at all
You go through shit but still they say
You're not old enough to be on your own so when you're in trouble just give us a call.

They don't understand you, do they?
All they know is how to make it worse
They're your enemies they don't want your happiness to stay
They're pledged to evil they want to put you under a curse.

You're stronger than them
You're stronger than you think you are
Because you're nothing but a pure gem
And devils, that's what they are.

Waiting for the Sun


Written By:  Syeda Sumbul 

I am Marissa Clayton and today, I think I am ready to write about… this.

Its 5:22 am right now and I feel lost. I can’t bring myself to feel the same happiness and liveliness, I usually feel with every passing breath. It’s an awkward feeling. Just right now, I realize the value of a best friend, of someone whom you can talk to. I realize now. I am hurt, knowing that I don’t have a best friend, it sucks. Right now, I feel like, ‘I wish I had someone to share my feelings with’. I feel like, ‘I wish I had someone to tell that how lonely I feel at times’.

Visible Gaza vs Invisible Gaza.

Pray for Gaza
Written By: Ayesha Yousuf

I don't know from where to start. Muslim World, is at stake. We are somewhere in the middle of Chaos, Anarchy and some real holy mess. One look around the corner and all you see is distress and tension engulfing us from everywhere, nevertheless, It's all because of us.

Out of all the problems, the one of collision course is that of Gaza Under Attack. We all know what's happening there but lemme share a story with you before I proceed to my actual point.


Friendship Bonds
As the time goes on, new people keep coming in your life and old ones maybe left behind.

Written By: Maham Arshad

There is this question which always keeps coming in my mind and that is ‘Why people change’? I thought a lot on this and then realized, it’s not the people who change. It’s their priorities which change.

A person sets his priorities while keeping his surroundings in mind. He makes friends accordingly, too. In the beginning, the people whom he thought would come out to be the best as friend may not always remain the best. Now, the question arises, “Why they don’t remain the best?”

Germany World Champions

FIFA World Cup Champions Germany

Written By: Saad Shafqat

Month July, date 13th, destination Estadio Maracana, Brasil. The stage was set for the biggest match of the tournament. The Fifa World Cup 2014 finale. The clash was set to happen. It was Joachim Loew's Germans versus Sabella's Argentina. Germany who had been simply outstanding during the tournament were seeking for their 4th World Cup crown. On the other hand, Argentina were looking for their 2nd World Cup triumph.

Crowds of immaculate numbers turned up to see the biggest clash in World Cup. Being a South American nation, Argentina had the better crowd support. But this wasn't going to distract the Die manschaft from their task of seeking eternal glory. An estimated 1 billion viewership was observed. Staggering stat that.


Written By Maryam Ahmad.

I am here to pen down my thoughts but blank, I might leave this page blank again. I am not sure what I was about to write down, I don’t know how I am going to weaved the thread of words.

I am haunted by unanticipated stupor tangled between day dreaming and reality, an uninvited mob gnawing me, nudging me quietly unnecessarily. Its just too difficult for me to give any name to it. I feel abashed enough not to understand the human within me. There is no sadness, no loneliness, its all gone , but an undefined gap.

I am lost in perpetuated realm of mess. I am loved I know and it feels so right but I am caged in oblivious. I have walked so far away from myself and let a ravenous live inside, breathing just beside the human inside my bones.

I have seen happiness and I have seen sadness and I have become a mixture of those misunderstood.