Friday, September 16, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 6)

London Night life

There is no doubt that the best time in London is at night, and I am sure everyone knows that. Not only does everyone know it, but they also make sure it ends up becoming the best time.

Most places are active when the light shines, here in London things are done a wee bit differently. Here, the light shines at the night, and people are alive in every way possible. That is how it is supposed to be, after an early morning, a busy day.

It is not always easy, though, different times of the year have different ways. In summer, it does not even get dark until around midnight, but does that stop Londoners from partying? No. In winters, it barely is bright, the sun sets in the afternoon but never have I ever seen people getting drunk before it actually is around midnight.

Yes, the nightlife is a wild life, full of one night stands, dates, hangouts, parties and what not. You are safe, you are free, and you are your own self. 

But there are still these constants which amaze everyone.

Nights are supposed to be dark, London is expected to be beautiful, and they both are what they are. But the colorful lights, the street lights, the decorator lights make everything 100 times more absorbing.

Small restaurants doing their decoration with cheeky quotes, big restaurants looking as beautiful and inviting as ever, pubs and bars full of people and noise.

Saturday evenings enjoyed with mates watching football, nights with your loved ones. Even when it is very late at night, nothing changes.

People still walking at a fast pace, trying to reach home, or at their friend’s place, or at a pub. Enjoying the night, knowing tomorrow is going to be another tough day, enjoying the weekend recklessly and without their senses knowing the next five days will need full dedication and concentration. 

You may agree with all this, you may not. You will love it for sure. 

They say that without the night you never see the stars. You see them or not, does not matter. What is important is, that in London, night is brighter and more colorful than the day. It’s a dream, at night, which is not a dream but a reality, and knowing that all this is a reality, is something that I enjoy the most.

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