Thursday, September 8, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 5)

London People

It is the afternoon time, and the sun is shining brightly, for once there is the sun. Not as if I have spent my entire life here and can predict the weather but people say this has been a very different summer than before. A lot of rain and very less sunshine.

There is no reason for me to mind rain and clouds, though, it gives London that seductive look which makes the city irresistible. 

But you know what the best part is? Nothing changes. Be it rain or the sunshine, people go about their businesses as if nothing happened. I used to wonder how can you not start running when the rain starts and how can you not want to stop and sit for a while when the sun is breaking hell. 

There were many answers, but the best one I got from this lad was that there are no excuses in life. He was right, there are no excuses.

There are a few differences, though, in the way people enjoy the weathers. Saturday and Sunday are the days to do that. There are beaches in London, artificially created, and coming from Florida I have been to many. But that lush blue water, the cool breeze along and then looking at people enjoying the sunshine is something to behold.

When you see people lying on the beach with the brown skin showing. The sand a little brighter brown, and the sound of air along with the heat from the sun your only physical contact. You tend to reflect on your life in the process of enjoying the beauty, and yes it has a charm of its own.
During the weekdays at this time, though, life really has started. People are literally running here and there trying to complete their work. All of them suited and booted working wholeheartedly at the task which has been assigned to them. Many just reaching Tesco or Sainsbury to buy a sandwich or other snack but hang on…. Still standing in line patiently, peacefully, waiting for their turn.

They know like we should be aware that it is not the years in your life that matter, it is the life in the years you live, and London along with its people, makes sure that there is life in your life.

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