Monday, August 22, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 4)

London Morning

When summer falls, there is this serenity in the air, as if time has stopped for a while. Mornings are beautiful anyways, but there is something about the summer morning of London that cannot be explained. It is peaceful yet haphazard. It is quiet yet noisy. It is slow yet fast. 

There is so much to absorb that you wonder you will you be able to do that on your own. I go out every morning at different times and every single time the feeling is different. 

Early morning it is serenity, there is silence and for a split second, you are amazed how such a busy city can be so quiet. The best part is the few people going around, and you can tell each one of them is enjoying the same feeling. 

A little late in the morning, you can see people rushing to their offices and schools. All of them speeding themselves up while eating or reading something. 

You leave it very late in the morning, it is evident that the rush hour is over, but you can tell that the city is wide awake now, the business has started as usual. 

But one thing remains constant throughout this time, smile! Yes, people with their smile. 

You be on the roads people passing by giving you a smile. You be on the train, and people abandon their seats for you with a smile. You be on the bus people will let you enter first with a smile. You be in an office, and they will greet you with a smile. You be in the supermarket no matter what time of the day, they laugh.

Yes, I am biased towards London and yes I want to be because it is worth it. I feel as if it is mine, for once there is something good in my life that I can call mine. Proudly, with passion and without worrying about a backlash from people trying to throw something negative.

Just like the morning, a time when new stories start. With every sunrise, new events occur, but still you get the confidence that there will be constants and for me, London and people’s smile are those essential constants.

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