Sunday, August 14, 2016

To London, with Love (Part 3)

London Life

London is like a cold dark dreams sometimes, for me it has been a dream come true, a dream I never want to wake up from.

This city and its people have given me so much. So much in every way possible and every way imaginable without even k.

London and its People have given me the opportunity I wanted the most, to start a new life on my own when everything looked bleak around me. Very few people get second chances in life, I got it, with so many possibilities around that I could not believe. It has given me confidence. Confidence to live life, confidence in what I wanted to achieve in life, confidence of doing things my own way, confidence of achieving all the aims and goals set.

London and its people has made me a better person altogether. I have learnt so much by just being in this city and observing things around me. Be it while walking in a park and seeing everyone, be it talking to people randomly, be it photographing the most random of places and realizing how amazing the world is and that beauty in every way should be appreciated.

London and its people made me see things from a different perspective. From spending a day in the university and being amazed from the way things are done and concurrently actually wanting to study more and learn. To the way you treat people irrespective of their skin color, accent and appearance.

London and its people gave me a chance to fulfill so many of my dreams and wishes. Watching Roger Federer play in Wimbledon, to be there in live concerts to see so many stars, with thousands of people. Visiting so many mesmerizing places. Watching cricket at the home of Cricket. Football at the most wonderful of stadiums. Attending so many wonderful events and festivals. Celebrating the new year eve in the most beautiful of ways.

London and its people have been amazing, never at a single place have I seen majority of good people in this world. Sometimes you feel everyone around you is unreal. I have been able to meet so many amazing people and make so many good friends.

But most importantly.

London and its people have accepted me for who I am. They have never judged me. Not while I am jogging sluggishly on the streets or parks, or when I am doing crazy things. It has never stopped me from being who I am and who I want to be. Every single day since the first day I have felt welcomed from day one and they still do.

Dear London,

You have given me so much happiness. You have restored my faith in humanity. You have installed all the things that I was missing. You have loved me and integrated me as one of your own. With all the imperfections, dear London, I just want to say, you are perfect. 

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