Saturday, May 21, 2016

Timely Transformation


Times have changed, and I believe I am changing as well. It was long due, and once something runs their course, it is useless to stick around and try to make it work. New life has been good so far, well, most of the times new beginnings are good. It is once you totally get involved and explore everything about it, is when you get to decide if something is right or wrong.

I have started working at an office for the first time, and it feels different, hectic and exciting at the same time. I have always been afraid of working at a place with a room and desktop of my own, giving and taking orders. But it hasn’t been too bad. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly as most people are here in England.

It also keeps me busy! I have been trying to consume my time, and now I barely get any to write or social work. But the sad part is there won’t be any summer vacations for me.

The good, though, is that I will be going back to the United States for few weeks! It has been a long while since I have been in America. So kind of, sort of excited about it.

It is also my first time that I have been given the duty at dessert section at the restaurant I work. My God, it is so hard to resist all the delicious sweet dishes and ice creams. I never imagined I would say that because sugary stuff and I don’t have the best of relations.

If I had to choose one word from these three previous ones, it would be hectic because working two jobs at a time and managing your university is not as easy as it looks.

There are a few other things that I have noticed about myself. I have become peaceful and patient in the past few weeks. I can’t imagine saying that about myself before. I can easily let go when someone is saying something wrong. I can nicely tolerate when someone is saying something negative.

I always believed that everyone has the right to say or do things they want, and we are no one to stop them. Now I can implement that in my life. My psychology professor says it is a sign of me maturing, and I shall take her word for it.

Ramadan is coming near! I would have said I am excited but no, that is not the case here. But that’s okay? Everyone has to adapt. I will too, that’s how it is supposed to be.

One thing is for sure; I won’t be making anymore spelling mistakes and useless errors in my blog posts anymore. YES! Believe it or not. I won’t. Never have been good at proof reading. If I am honest, I have never had the time to proofread any article of mine. It is enough torture writing everything.

Enough torture then? Will be back soon with a few good news. Hopefully, they will pan out well by the time I will be writing my next post. 


  1. Best of luck, Raafay! May you be blessed with success and goodness in life always. Ameen.