Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heroes of Pakistan - Hassan Sadpara

Hassan Sadpara was standing at the top of Mount Everest, he had finally done it! He offered prayer and thanked Allah for sometime, exactly at that moment he remembered that he had to keep a promise made to his son. The weather wasn't perfect and a storm was near, he asked others for help who refused, but he had to do it. He left the camp, reached as high as he could and then took out the #Pakistani flag from his bag and raised it, this was the flag he had bought after borrowing money from his friends because he wasn't rich enough to afford it. But he wanted to do it, and at 6:00 GMT, 11th May 2011, Pakistan's flag was proudly waving in the air above anything in this world. Tears rolled over! He was extremely happy, It was the proudest moment of his life, and why not? He had become the first Pakistani to have climbed all six eight-thousanders mountains of the world, but more importantly he became the only mountaineer to summit all these mountains without using supplemental oxygen. His aim was to conquer all the other remaining peaks because it was his passion. When I visited him at his rented house two years later he looked sad. He had no job, even though he was promised by the government of #Pakistan. He had to leave what he loved to feed his family. Today he owns a shop that sells mountain gear to other mountaineers and he does that with sadness and without a choice. Hopefully we shall recognize our true heroes and give them the respect they deserve. Hopefully something will change and he will be able to continue his dream, hopefully.

For his detailed interview click the link below.

Hassan Sadpara: First Pakistani to Climb Six highest Mountains. (Interview)

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