Monday, March 7, 2016

The Fearful Kid

Written By: Khulood Bahaa.

I’m that kid who’s afraid of change,
afraid of the future and what it hides.
I’m that kid locked in chains,
I built them myself through the nights.

I fear mystery.
I fear the unexpected.
I fear a history,
that could be rejected.

I fear a morning, I wake up panting for air,
or in the middle of the night, after a nightmare.
Aimlessly looking for my happy place,
my comfy zone, the one I chase.

I fear a day I realize how old I’ve grown,
a day I’d have to handle things on my own.
When decisions are hard to take,
and all I ask for is a break.

In all honesty,
I fear time.
I fear, and I know it ain’t a crime. 

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