Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pakistan Super League - A Dream Come True.

Written By: Rahat Dar.
It was a dream that took almost a decade to come true, initial idea being floated in 2007, there were several hurdles, several drawbacks and several postponements that made Pakistani cricket fans hopeless over the years.

Pakistan Super League came into existence at last, so did the long lost enthusiasm and love for cricket in the heart of Pakistanis and a dream came true.

There's just so much to be thankful for, so much to be proud of, and so much to look forward to.
Although the league couldn't be held in Pakistan and unfortunately, it might not, for a couple of years or more - but the happiness it's brought to people back home is so vibrant and visible.

People have started to acknowledge the long lost love for the game within themselves. They almost had forgotten what it was like to watch cricket other than India vs Pakistan. After having been convinced about the demise of interest in the sport within themselves, they've fallen back in love again with it.

All of us feel absolutely overwhelming to realize that we finally have a cricket league of our own, and it gives us immense pleasure to witness how well things have turned out to be even in the very first edition of the inaugural PSL. To think that it will grow only to be bigger and better in years to come, it makes the fans even rapturous.
There are so many reasons to love PSL, but the stand out one would definitely be the sense of threat that has been felt all across in the name of controversial statements, baseless critics, and what not.
Why not be a little mature, if not for anything, but for the love of the sport, embrace this newly born league and back it for it did justice to both batsmen and bowlers in terms of performances unlike the usual idea of "cricket league" that has become more of a game of the batsmen?

On one hand we saw a batsman score over 300 runs in 8 matches, while on the other, we found bowlers to be on hattricks more than once in a match.

- low score thrillers, or runs fest one-sided match, which one would you pick? The answer is obvious.

Moving forward, we acknowledge the benefits and each way the league has proved to be advantageous for not only the players, but the board, and fans.

Local products got a chance to share the dressing room with renowned cricketers from all over the cricketing world. The opportunity to seek priceless tips for the betterment of their own game from not only the stars of cricket but also the legends of the game in the name of coaches.

To be able to spend that amount of time with their childhood heroes, and world class players, it must have given the local players great boost in confidence, and what better feeling than being a part of a cricket league of your own.

While on one hand, where the local players have the pleasure of having the company of stars of cricket and to be able to play under the watch of the best in business- the board, on the other hand, received help in order to finalize the squads for the forthcoming tournaments. They are provided with an even better insight on the abilities of the players - meanwhile the league helped them acknowledge the weaknesses of players in whatsoever aspect, it also gave them a hint of the talent that the youngsters possess which needs to be focused on to better, and polish them further enabling them to prove themselves in cricket world.

No stats, nothing about the technicalities or tactical measures, this piece is wholly devoted to the emotions that cannot be expressed into words. The feeling of thankfulness, longing (for the second edition), and the joy it's brought about.

Cricket fans in Pakistan have well and truly become fond of PSL that it has become tough to imagine life without it now. And of course, who wouldn't miss tackling with their schedules to spare them some hours outside work to be able to watch some entertaining cricket?

If you'd told anyone that the likes of Kumar Sangakkara and Kevin Pietersen would be batting together under the name of one of the cities of Pakistan in the PSL, they would have said that they could only dream of such a beautiful sight.

But it all happened for real, the dream came true. PSL made it happen. The fans couldn't have asked for more

Well, other than to move PSL to Pakistan - hopefully someday (The initial plan floated by the PCB is to hold at least the first match and the final of next PSL in Pakistan and if that happens, there will be no looking back).

All the hype, all the excitement was so worth it. Kudos to cricket fans on social media for making the league even more lovable with the banter.

We should thank every possible human on earth that has helped make PSL a possibility one way or another.

Here's to hoping and making sure that PSL is well on its way to prosperity.

How heartily are we going to miss it!

Until next time, Pakistan Super League!

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