Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Autumn Leaf.

Autumn Leaf

Everything is beautiful. Even the autumn leaf, amid all the glamour and glitz. Just like everything is beautiful, everyone is beautiful too. Just like you are beautiful. Yes, you the one who degrades yourself. The one who does not see the qualities in your own self and thank for them but want to be sad over something you don't have. You are beautiful in your own way, others are beautiful in their own way, you are important in your canvas of life, others are important in their canvas of life. Without you, the life of people around you is incomplete, without them, your life is incomplete, if someone can do something, you can do something else. That's how life is, nothing is useless, nothing is ugly, but everything is different and everything is beautiful. Just like the autumn leaf, among all the glamour and glitz.

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