Friday, January 15, 2016

Mary and Kanwal

Child Education

Story told by: Amna Javed.

Mary and Kanwal belong to a poor Christian family of six people in Pakistan. Aged 14 and 15 respectively, their mother is blind by birth so their father was the only person who supported the family. Life was not that good but they were happy. Their father never let them work and wanted them to get good education since it was his dream.

Mary and Kanwal wanted their father's dream to come true. They used to wake up every morning, wear their uniform and leave for school.

One day, their father had an accident in which he lost his legs, that day on wards everything changed.

Now, these girls are bound to work at others homes to earn a livelihood for their family. Their tiny little shoulders have a great responsibility due to which they can't go to school. These girls are students of one of my friend now. She gives them free tuition because they can't afford going to school anymore.

If you want to help these ambitious, diligent and brave girls, so that they can continue their education then you can donate some amount of money. Their tuition fees per month is 700-800 PRK per month (Just £5/Month) so any sort of contribution will be very helpful in fulfilling their dreams.

If you want to contribute you can get in touch with me at and I will guide you through the process. 

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