Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Be Real. Be Yourself.


Written By: Rameen Khan.
Its 2016. The biggest confrontation of all time is to be real you and it doesn’t depend on year because even the best of all breathing souls took time to be who they were. It's not something we don’t want to be, every cell in our body spurs this statement. But it’s our fear of not getting accepted by people, by just other normal souls. Think for a second do you really want to be as opposite to what your mind, body and spirit says? Or you want to be who you fantasize when you lay down at night and remove that mask of yours? It took me some time to figure out myself and on the up and up I think I have never felt more serene to everything. I have got way more sarcastic over the time period, I find myself becoming happy on just little things which don’t make sense at all, I speak so randomly and so much that my subconscious literally has to slap me several times a day. Just remember that nobody will care after sometime even not the people who you thought cared for you so be true to who you are. Don't let anyone shape you as they want. Don’t make your biggest concern in life to be accepted but to make people happy as much as you can.

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