Friday, December 11, 2015

Notice the Hidden Pursuer

Secret Admirer
A Poem by: Hasaan Arshad 

Listen Hard, and Closely,
To my Sorrow-filled Song.
It's A Journey for the truth.
Hidden behind the Mask.
Lay all them flowers beside me,
So I may rip them apart.
No more tears can hold me,
Only my Shadowed-Wrath.
Now, you will understand.
What I had to face for you.
Listen Closely..
To The Drumbeat.
I had to shatter my dreams,
To bring you new hope.
I had to reform the world.
To present you a gift.
Why won't you look at me?
After everything, I have done?
Is this Fate? Or Destiny?
Or just a Child playing a Prank...
Stop worrying and look at me.
Notice my heart beating for you.
Don't gaze at the sky.
I am your only moon.
Don't be scared, even if they come,
I shall lay their heads at your feet.
So, Fret Not and Come.
I shall bury your tears.
Take you to the Sun.
Make you the Queen of the World.
So ignore the demons that follow you,
And Look.
Someone still admires you~
Let that be me..

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