Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Love of Mother

Love of a mother is something I have never experienced in my life. I would always wonder how it will feel having someone to care for you, to annoy, to hug or to request the favorite dish to cook for you. But anyways, everything happens for a reason.

Maybe she's the reason. No blood relation but the closest thing to a mother in my life. She actually has selflessly done so much for me I can't even imagine to count the things she has done. Exactly the way a mother would do? Always trying to look after me, over the past few years bailing me out of difficult situations, there for me when fighting between life and death, even providing for my education as much as she could.

She had no son, she made me her son.

Life wasn't kind to her and maybe took its toll, she's been unwell for over six months now, growing weaker and weaker, barely been able to walk, doctors have been unable to diagnose what it is.

She says nothing, shows no signs from within, but it is obvious. I've seen her going from good to bad and now perhaps worse. There are times I feel helpless even after trying my best. I know she needs me 24/7 but life gets in the way.

Good people in my life don't last long. I am afraid she won't either. Who knows though.

But I don't know what to do, how to stop it, how to freeze time. All I can do is pray but it seems that's not enough.

People with parents are lucky.

There isn't enough you can do for them, for what they do for you, they do so much without even letting you realize.

Then apparently we grow up, we argue with them, we sometimes fail to respect them! Can't even imagine how they must feel.

No one stays forever, everyone has to leave! Time flies, we should care for them as much, love them, spend time with them, respect them but most importantly, make them proud.

Because believe me, when the worst comes, everything slips and when you can't do anything, it for sure is not a good feeling.

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  1. A smiling face hides it all,such a pretty women tho,may Allah gives her health.