Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Short Sorrow

Written By: Hasaan Arshad

The time is 11:33.
The sky is dark. Obviously, because its night.
The man walked.
Oh! The rhythm of his feet was bliss!!!
He walked and walked.
Went outside the house, he did.
Took the car, he did.
Where did he drive at this hour??
My oh My! Only time will tell!!
The time is 11:44.
He has reached his destination.
He takes out a smoke.
The wonderful smell of smoke engulfs the car.
He coughs.
He gets out.
Closing the door, locking the car.
He looks ahead.
The graveyard greets him.
Such a dreadful sight.
He walks ahead.
Oh how he walks!!
One step.
Two Steps.
Three Steps.
The rhythm is amazing!!
He walks and walks.
Till he reaches his destination.
Its a grave, no less.
He bents down.
He cries.
A soft sob, nothing less.
For some time he sobs.
He leaves.
He leaves his beloved wife.
Leaves her in the darkness of night.
Goes back.
The time is 11:55.
He is coming back.
Suddenly, a sharp light seizes him.
He is shocked.
Unable to react, his car gets hit.
He suffers major damage.
He is taken to the hospital.
He is unconscious.
His wife arrives.
He looks at her and tears fill his eyes.
The time is 1:05
His wife hugs him.
She cries.
They both cry.
The soft sobbing fills the air.
Meanwhile, the doctors are busy.
Meanwhile, the husband and wife talk.
Oh! How they talk!
Laughs and Giggles!!
Those two talk and talk.
Then the wife gets up.
The man is sad.
He tells her, "I will come with you"
She reminds him, "This is not your time"
Then, she leaves.
He cries.
He regains conscious.
He cries in real life.
His wife, gone.
The doctors try to make him stop.
But he doesn't.
His wife, gone.
Him, still here.
Isn't Life unfair??
He desired death.
At the same time, he feared it.
He cried loudly.
The doctors surround him.
Emergency medical equipment is brought.
The man, starts to shake.
The doctors try to bring him back.
But they fail.
For the man, is reunited with his wife.
He smiles at her.
She smiles back.
They are reunited.
Forever, at last.

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