Monday, November 30, 2015



Written By: Mishaal Alvi.
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In one of those moods, where you find everything surrounding you absolutely stale. Even the morning light seems to fade because of the strong darkness within you that overshadows everything. What hurts the most is feeling empty without any particular reason, when you wake up. Mornings are supposed to be beautiful aren't they? And yet you feel so suffocated and as if something is eating you away from the inside. What's more frustrating is not knowing why you are suffering so much in that moment. Nothing seems to make sense, it's all purely blank. You wan to scream away your error but you know it is useless because it would be as if you are screaming in a vacuum where no one seems to hear a single thing - where no one seems to bother. And you lay there numb, broken, miserable and helpless, trying to feel better but end up feeling even more dreadful.

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