Saturday, October 31, 2015

Life of a Book

Written By: Massive Crusade

I am kind of a person who never keeps books with care. Believe me, if you are lending me a book, you shouldn’t expect me to return it in the same form you gave me. But if you look closely don’t you think how similar it is with us?  Isn’t it exactly the way life treats us?

Actually, this is exactly the way life is. There’s a day when you’re born, fresh and new- just like the smell of new books. Then you grow up, you fall, you crawl, you break, you get hit, you get scratched, you get torn-literally shattered.People will you in their leisure time. Some people will hate you, some will just judge you, some people will buy you, some will earn you, some will give you away, some people will enjoy you, some will understand you, some will love spending time with you alone, some will get attracted to you, some will listen to you over and over again- until they either get bored of you or they find something new.

Whatever the reason, eventually you are going to end up at the bottom of some dark shelf in the corner of people’s library. Then maybe one day, when the library will get full of people like you, the owner will throw you away for good. And some angel out there will realize your true worth and will pick you up, embrace you, and take you with him and never let go until the wrinkles and scars and some diseases begin to take over your existence till you are no longer able to stay and your soul will fly away from you like the yellow, frail pages of a book from its solid cover.

There’d be nothing more left of you except for the outer shell that kept your story covered all your life. Others are going to replace you, of course. But there will still be people who’re going to keep you in their hearts forever because you would’ve changed them, because they would’ve started to live again, because you would’ve given them a reason to live, because you would’ve NEVER betrayed them, because you would’ve never complained to them or expected from them, because you would’ve given them your all, because you would’ve never left their side, because even after being treated like a piece of crap you would’ve managed to welcome them wholeheartedly every single time, you would’ve let them take advantage of you, because baby, you would’ve helped them nevertheless.

That is how life is. And that is entirely the story of a life of a book.

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