Saturday, September 19, 2015

Do you know?


Written By: Maham Shahbaz

You know I saw footsteps in the sky, did you come to meet me today too and found out that I was still mad at you so you went back or are you still here waiting outside my window. Do you watch me as I sleep? Is that why I'm not having nightmares for so long? You know I hate screaming. You know, don't you?

You know I love collecting happy memories. When you are giving everyone something to make good memories out of please don't forget to give me some. You know how i get when I'm mad at someone and my ego gets in the way and I don't ask no matter how much I need to. You know how I hate to beg. You know, don't you?

When you are picking out your favorite people please remember to pick me too because I would be lost if you won't. You know how I hold onto you, not strongly but I try and whether I hold on or not I know you hold me. You know, don't you?

You know how clumsy I am. I trip over flat surfaces but you always seem to find a comparatively soft place for me to land on or you send someone to give me more balance. Now that I'm falling, for a really long time, are you planning on sending someone? You know how I'm afraid of heights. You know, don't you?

You know how I love the rain but this is a storm and my umbrella isn't opening and I'm afraid of thunder. Are you mad at me that you're not stopping this storm? Do you want me to feel hopeless for my own good? You know I will understand if you just tell me. You know, don't you?

You know I'm scared of being alone. Then why did you lead me to this alley at this time of night when you are nowhere in sight? Do you want me to feel alone so that I will realize that at the end of the day only you will be there for me? I will follow you  anywhere. You know, don't you?

You know I like things that shine like the night sky. Is that why you gave me this shining star? You know I love it a little too much, you know I got happy. Then why did you tell me that this star isn't my star? Why did you give me someone else's star? You know that made me cry and I don't like that very much. You know, don't you?

You know everything about me. You created me didn't you? But you chose to make me ignorant towards understanding the bigger truth. You know I know, don't you?

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