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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In the Memory of the Kids of Peshawar

Written By: Aleena Zafar

Think oh you now and then
What a misery must've befallen them 
Lying beneath the dying breaths of a dear friend 
To escape the gaze of the foes 
Think then what a terror it must've been 
To watch a mother figure go down in flames 

  That playground and them hallways 
Once filled with joyous laughter 
Are now stained with blood and grief hereafter 
Who were they? What were they? 
Those barbaric monsters!
Casting a shadow of their dark souls 

Do but see the silver lining in the cloud 
There is born a dauntless determination soo great 
There rises the example of such bold bravery
Tell you,oh filthy creatures,we're a nation undivided 
United in this we stand,united in this shall we stay 

Who amongst you cowards can break this mounting wave of hope
Look there they walk again through those gates 
To finish what they and their brothers started 
In this battle of lost  innocence are born these fierce young warriors.

1 comment:

  1. Makes me cry over what happened but "United in this we stand,united in this shall we stay"
    Love Pakistan Forever