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Monday, November 10, 2014

Help Me Study Campaign

The Story.

There are things in life which just happen suddenly or just happen because they have to happen and end up teaching you a lot and end up changing your thoughts or the way you perceive things.

It was evening time when I had to rush towards the market, the sun was setting and darkness was taking over when I reached the market I saw a cute little boy sitting on a bench. The shops were about to close so I ran towards them ignoring the kid, shopped a little and then came back.

The boy was still sitting on the bench, I saw he had a poster in his hand with words written ' Help me Study ' , he was such a cute little kid that I couldn't help but stop in front of him and stare. He looked like an Asian (and later on I came to know that he is from Pakistan) When he notice that I was standing near him he said in his cute voice ' A penny please! Help me study please '.

I checked my pockets but I barely had a penny in my pocket after shopping let alone some amount worth giving. So instead of giving anything I just smiled at him and told him that for now I don't have anything but will help him tomorrow if he is around.

I thought about leaving but then don't know why I sat beside him and started talking. Ever since I have been to the UK, this was the first time I was talking with a kid and it made me excited, people are so conscious here usually and don't even let you touch their kid let alone sit and talk.

Education is free for most of the locals here in the UK but most of the kids who come from abroad either study in the schools opened by their own country men, and are a little costly.

He told me that he has no parents (after further investigation I came to know that he lost his parents in a car accident and that none of  his relatives in Pakistan wanted him back, his parents had moved to the USA for completing their PHD) and is living at a nearby place* and he also told that he wanted to study in a proper school so his guardian* left him here to collect some pennies. I had seen few kids asking for pennies for some dummies but I thought that was a new form of begging.

We both kept on talking until his guardian came and took him away, I came back and quickly called a couple of friends and discuss with them an idea that came in my mind. I thought I will try and collect some funds for him, as much as I can.

The next day I went back to the market, helped the kid from my side for now as much as I could, I had already taken the address and information about him from his guardian. For now a total amount of 51000 PKR ( $500) are required to kick start the education of the kid.

The Idea.

I thought I will help this kid first and to be very honest, hopefully once I get the required $ 500 and pay his initial funds later on I will paying for his education on my own but for now for now giving $ 500 for me alone is not possible.

All episode gave me an idea! That I can actually help kids in Pakistan who want to study but are unable to do so. They can be anyone, from our servant's kids to people around us who are poor and can't afford the education of their kids. Why just a on off thing? It has always been an aim to open schools in each of the provinces of Pakistan for kids who can't afford or study due to different reasons, so perhaps this is the chance when I can start doing what I always wanted to.

The Plan.

Next day I went to the University and discussed the idea with few other friends who to my amazement agreed to help me and also have discussed the idea with a few of my friends in Pakistan and in few other countries and for now the response seems to be good. I have asked one of my professor, who was born in Pakistan but has been living in the UK for over 30 years now to help me manage the funds I collect.

The plan is very simple. Identify a kid in Pakistan, estimate his educational cost for a year, collect funds, pay for his education. Few people are already identifying a few kids and you guys can do that too.

I know it is a difficult task maybe, maybe because people say they will help but when the time comes they don't and because everyone earns for their own self and giving away their money for a cause they don't know much about may not be easy for them. I also know it can take time, months or maybe years to gain the trust and make this thing a success but I am sure this is something worth trying.

Making it Possible.

We have named this campaign as Help Me Study.

We will be using the blog's facebook page for promoting the cause as making a new facebook page and asking people to like it will become troublesome and because many people know about the blog and the page already, we will also try and get a webpage for this soon, social networking will be done through twitter once again from my and the blog's twitter accounts and trending.

My friend, Amna Javed will be responsible for collecting funds from Pakistan. She will also be campaigning for it in her university and later on collect funds, this will be our first proper try. Another friend Rabia Nasir from UAE will also campaign for this in her school and hopefully soon people will know more about it. Which ever event takes place in relation to the campaign the pics will be posted on as many platforms as possible. All the money collected, the amount and the spending will be regularly updated on the blog and the page.

Will request you people who are reading this to help in whatever way you can. If you want any more information, want to help, or want to know anything feel free to contact at raafayawan@gmail.com or call at +447881935815 , thank you.

You can send your donations to.

Note: The website link (if we get it), the blog page link, and other contact details will be update here soon.


  1. Can you please elaborate what you mean by "For now we need to collect around $ 500 each just to kick start the education of the kid."
    should each person donate 500? or 500 in total?

  2. A total of 500 is required to start funding the education. Anyone can give anything, starting from one rupee to one penny.

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