Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Younis Khan

Happy Birthday Younis Khan, hope you keep on playing forever and break all the batting records of Pakistan. 

Younis Khan is not my favorite player, he never has been. But I have known him for a very long time and I can bet you won't find a better, caring, helpful, humble human being ever. I respect him for so many reasons, and one of them is that he is a team payer.

The is a modern great because ... He won Pakistan the T20 World Cup, He is a modern great, he has scored the most centuries for Pakistan in Test Cricket, he has the most catches for Pakistan in Test Cricket, he has so many records that people will get to know over the time, especially when he retires.

He was so desperate to be part of the team that on the 2001 tour of New Zealand when although he was not in the playing eleven but was part of the team so to help the team he used to carry the kit bags of other senior players, used to even wash their clothes! He still does that for his team mates, even though he one of the most senior players in the team.

Few people notice but Younis Khan has lost his parents, his sister and brothers over the past 7 years, but you still see him with a smile on the cricket field, playing those sweep shots, those back foot cuts, and taking those cheeky singles!

Long may you live, long may you keep serving Pakistan, long may you keep breaking all the records and scoring so many more runs, long may you keep smiling. Happy Birthday once again. 

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