Saturday, November 15, 2014

Even Roses have Thorns

Written By: Maida Naeem
Falling in love?
Having a broken heart?
Having feeling for someone?
These are just some terms related to an unknown relationship of heart and mind that make you do things you never could have possibly done.
People talk about “Love” a lot.
Some are dying from broken heart and some just want to make up for it.
Some don’t believe in it but still talk about it. And some are just head over heals with it.
I know I’m not the first one to write about this but I was just thinking about it so I thought I should write.
It’s a myth that you fall in love only one time in your life and other are just ummm flings maybe.
So, as we are familiar with the term “falling in love” and everything that falls breaks eventually.And this comes with a cycle. Breaking and mending and breaking and mending and on and on and on it’s just a never ending cycle..
Well, In my opinion there is no falling in love once in your life. Because in your first experience or like I call it a “fling” you break your bones and decide not to do it again and let it heal or what so ever. But in that mending process you start missing the things you use to do when you were with someone. You would want to forget it in anyway possible. Most probably you will try making new friends or spend more time with your family. But in between you will again think of giving it a try again. And that’s when another regret of your life makes it’s roots strong. Strong enough to hold you back for your life. Anyways this process goes on until your adult life when you’re mature enough to stop getting yourself hurt or give it a last go that will finally reach your heart. And break it into so many pieces that then there is no mending or breaking anymore.
That the only option you are left with is being strong enough to let go of your past and move on. And then time comes when your sitting on a couch and just thinking about your past and analysing it and trying to figure out that in all this did real love ever existed? Or they were just attraction? may be you’ll never find out the answers.
People leave for a reason come in your life for a reason. It’s part of the process. So, If it’s mean’t to be it’s mean’t to be. There is no point of crying over them for ages.
And yes love do exist in shape of relations we get we are born. Or may be before that when we were just a plan a plan that ALLAH made for our parents. But than he loved us in the way no one else could. So be thankful for what you have..

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