Monday, October 6, 2014

Unable to say Good Bye.

Good Bye

Written By: Hameem Hussain

When she was three 
Was labeled abnormal. 
Unable to feed herself, 
Unable to walk, 
Unable to give my smiles back. 
Disabled, my child. 
I cried a lot that time. 
Secretly went mad. 
But then, there was she, 
My lovely offspring. 
Unable to express her love to me. 
Unable to enjoy her life. 
Unable to make friends. 
Unable to marry a guy one day. 
Along with her wheelchair, 
Her mother and I tried. 
As hard as we could to make our child survive. 
With all of it's ups and downs, 
She's in late 20s now. 
But yesterday, doctors told me
She's gonna die. 
I went to the mosque today, 
Like everyday,
And regardless of what people would say,
In His home I cried, 
Cause she's the one I brought up. 
My eye's sight,
My jewel, my reason of life. 
For she should not die before my eyes. 
And prayed with the depths of my heart.

Two or three days left to live,
barely enough to say goodbye. 
But my child, again,  is unable to say goodbye...

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