Thursday, July 10, 2014

What would we do if all the Electronic devices stop working?

Written By: Zeyan Nadeem.

Have you ever thought what would we do if out of the blue all our electronic devices stop working? No way to communicate with each other, update what is happening, listen to music and so on. What would mankind do? Would we be able to survive without all our phones, which are like a need to us now? For most of the people around the world would take this as a punishment from God, but then there would be people like me, well maybe only me, who would think just maybe this is a good thing. I bet everyone would call me a lunatic for even thinking that but hey, maybe I am not wrong.

Just sit back and imagine how our lives would be if this actually happens. People use to live like this long time ago, so why can’t we? If we just put aside our love for all these devices and just think how bad are these things for us. They have made us sluggish. We sit around using a phone all day long, once we are done with it, we use our laptop, PCs, etc, and never take a break from all this. Even though knowing how bad this is for our health, we won’t stop using it. We would even prefer weak eyesight to use these gadgets.
So now back to the main question, what would we do if all these devices stop working and no one knows till when? As mentioned above, people have already been through this before all these gadgets were invented and easily survived. So we can survive too. In my opinion, we would actually do something to get on with our boring miserable lives. Like going out for instance, taking a proper walk without worrying who is texting you or what is happening around.

We would actually get healthier if you notice, people would start exercising for time pass, won’t have to stare at a screen for long, which means less headaches and most importantly, we might even find a way to enjoy life with other people instead of whining about it on Twitter or Facbook. We would actually hang out with our families and not tell the entire world over the internet how bored we are. Instead we would try to find a way to enjoy with them and I think we will. Moreover, we would even get a chance to acknowledge and relish the beauty God has given to us in the form of nature. Plus the world might even become a better place if you take terrorism into consideration. How will those entire terrorist groups communicate or get information? They won’t be able to harm anyone. So as you can see, it won’t be that bad, I think.

However, we will face a lot of problems. We won’t be able to know what is happening around the world, how our friends, basically strangers, we met over the internet are doing, get the latest update on how your team is playing and so on. Working would become difficult as people would have to store hand written files or maybe even use a typewriter, which sounds cool though but equally difficult to use, and would have to use those old phones or write letters to communicate.

Furthermore, we would have to use real cash instead of credit cards to buy stuff. I even feel bad for those high class people, okay maybe I don’t. Furthermore, we won’t be able to listen to music, which was our one way out of hearing people bullshit all the time. Talking to your love ones who are probably in a different part of the world would be hard. You won’t be able to see them or talk to them (for free) anytime you want and would have to use those old phones which would be costly. Most businesses will shut down, people will be jobless, could result to increase in poverty. So these are some of the few problems that would definitely happen, but, mankind’s been able to do many things before I guess we can even overcome these problems if we use our brain properly. And I bet the first thing we would do is to find a way for all these electronic devices to work again instead taking a moment and trying to live life without them.

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