Monday, July 28, 2014

A Sleepy Serious Senseless Blog Post


Too sleepy to write anything but just feel like writing so if this article makes no sense to you, don't mind.

Forgive your .... Oh .. umm I forgot what I had to write here. This strange observation came in my mind and I thought I should write something about it, just got off my mind though.

So well, there is something I notice a lot in people. When you talk to someone initially, people show different kinds of responses. Some will talk to you so freely that you will think you both click, some will be so reserved that you will regret you started talking with them, some people will give you that feel they want to know you, some will give that feel they won't take you seriously.

But then if you persist, you have good clean heart and intentions one day or the other, people do become your friends, you win their hearts.

Dealing with people is so interesting to be honest.

There are people who will act so rude an full of attitude, there will be people who will be so friendly, there will be people laughing and you'll wonder how is their life so perfect, there will be people you'll come across they'll be sad all the time, there are all sorts of people.

But then if you persist, you will see everyone has that soft corner, everyone has that delicacy, that one happy or sad side, that one thing that can make them happy or sad, that one thing to talk about which melts them or spurs them up.

For a person like me, who observes way too much. It becomes that much more exciting. People act in different ways, they will show different reactions to different actions, but at the end of the day everyone is the same, everyone is human, everyone is broken and everyone pretends to be strong.

No matter what kind of people, what ever they say, whatever they pretend...

You know you pray for someone and it'll mean a lot to them. You know you'll wish someone they'll like it, you know you try and be there for someone they will want someone to be there, you know you'll be there in someone's happy moments they'll love it, you know you motivate someone they'll want that motivation. You support someone in something they will want it, you try and make someone happy they'll want to be happy.

Oh and one most important observation, everyone has a heart, everyone is nice.

This world is full of amazing people really, sometimes you wish there was happiness all around, things were perfect for everyone but that is not the case sadly.

Some people are living away from their families, some don't even have families, some are sad because they had a breakup, some are down because they did not do well in exams or are scared about their result, some people think they lack something, some this and that, I mean everything. There is that element of sadness.

Umm okay now I don't even know what I have been writing and what I had to write and if it is making any sense or not.

I think I am trying to say, if you see someone (friend or strange or even enemy) needs something and someone, and you know you can give that something or can be that someone, don't hesitate, believe you me don't. Just be there for people, just for once keep your pride and your own self on one side and be there for people. Trust me it is the best feeling ever.

Or WAIT.... I remembered why I had to write this article in the first place!

If you have that one friend you are close to, you had a fight, you had an argument, you did something wrong or your friend did something wrong, come on forget and forgive, it won't take anything away not even your pride, don't miss out on people, don't lose people from your life. I know it takes a big heart to forgive and forget but the feeling will be worth it.

What's the use of regretting after years when all it will take is two minutes of your life.

Well I know this article is making no sense, but you know what, it may make a lot of sense.

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