Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Questions to the Answers

For a change, I am in a good mood, actually happy. I know this won't last long and that the next day, or maybe the next hour something will happen and can change my mood again.

Well, anyways.


It was a pleasant morning and I was out for a walk on the beach, there was this old couple sitting on a bench talking to each other. It was such a lovely sight, just like some movie. (reminded me of The Notebook) I was adjusting my cellphone's camera when they saw me and smiled.

Can you imagine they've been together for over 47 years now. They told me how tough yet easy it was for them to stick together over such a long period of time and that how many hurdles they faced. The secret they said was that they've been more like friends than lovers.

Just then I thought how lucky they both are, in these times we can't keep our friendships last for enough time to know each other, let alone forever. Best Friends Forever is perhaps the most overrated word. It is like after two days we are best friends, then good friends, then friends and then strangers again, haha it works the opposite way these days.


One thing that I don't understand is that how can people love animals more than humans?



Two days over the due date and I was yet to receive an important Email from the University, but it wasn't and though I wasn't that worried tbh, every passing day was making me nervous. Why am I not receiving it? What if something has gone wrong? So many questions, thoughts. 

You know what happened then? Haha. I remembered Allah. I prayed to Him. I really really need this Allah, please don't let anything go wrong, please this and that. And you know what, I received the Email, very next day. It may be a coincidence but that's what happened.

Just then I thought how mean we people are (I am). We remember Allah only when we need something or a favor, we ask him and he gives us. The point is ...  He blesses us so much we don't even realize. I mean I don't .. I always complain and whine. Or that I do wrong all day and I never ever think about Allah, but when I need something I go back to him like a shameless person and he still blesses. 


Humans are the best beings Allah has created, they can even swim but why can't they fly?


Cricket in Ramadan

Finally I had some friends from Pakistan and India and we planned an eventful night few weeks back. There was food, yes, there was a swimming pool, yes, there was a home theater, yes. But I wanted to play cricket as well. We did play cricket! 

Most of the guys played as if they were girls, they couldn't even hold a Cricket ball or throw it properly. How can you ... well they just couldn't. This was the first time ever in my life that.. Even the girls with us were playing better than them.

Just then I thought, well I didn't think much I just wanted to... *Facepalm* I mean come on you are from Pakistan and India? The places where Cricket is like a second religion? How can you not know how to play Cricket. Sad life! I have no one here I can play proper cricket with, just so sad. 

All I do now is to smack the tennis ball on the wall, let it come back to me, hit it with the cricket bat back on the wall and play cricket alone, trust me it is more competitive than playing with those boys.


Why do we take tea? Why don't we drink tea like we drink other liquids?


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  1. Cricket is the game of gentlemen, How everyone can play it?