Friday, April 4, 2014

Stand Still

I always thought, I got to go far. 
Far from my place, 
Out of my shades, 
Without this permanent security,
To the insecurity...
It could only open my eyes,
Sizle my opinion,
Shape my mind.
By meeting people, 
Sharing our visions
Confronting thoughts, 
Be part of a caravan. 
But in fact, 
You can stand still and progress. 
You can reach mountains' peaks 
Explore darkest oceans, 
Dare-you think !
It's a matter of responsibility,
Of senses,
Of realizing your position, 
And handling them as they should be. 
You don't need to go far. 
Oh no. 
Just stand still and realize. 
The most of unknown is hidden in you,
Explore you heart,
Explore your thoughts,
Confront what you shun,
Must you go at the antipodes to find answers?

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