Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vote for Change or be Ashamed.

I am writing this in extreme frustration and my thoughts are scattered. Just because one of my uncle said PTI won't win and when I asked him the reason after arguing for 30 minutes he went away saying " Bas tumhe nahi pta I am elder I know more " I may make no sense but you will still get the point I am trying to make.

After thinking for over a month, I have finally been able to figure out that one BIGGEST problem that we Pakistanis have.

Our biggest problem is not corruption, load shedding, bribery, lack of patience, emotions, or even our leaders for that matter. We will have the type of leaders that represent us so no crying over that. It isn't even the religious divide.
It has to be the fact that even when we see something wrong, we call something wrong, still we do wrong, we do nothing to stop something wrong, we choose wrong.

Our biggest problem is taking the wrong decisions as a nation. Oh don't blame your 'leaders' for that. Please. We are responsible for that. All we do is to sit and talk about what is wrong, a politician is this and that, we just talk about it just for the sake of it. We do nothing. We don't really have a vision.

When we have the opportunity in our hands we just waste it. We just sit and assume things will change automatically, someone 'good' will come someday and change everything for us, we will be a prosperous and developed nation.

No sorry, things like these don't happen in real world.

It amazes me when people sit and talk about politics. Everyone trying best to prove their point, as if we are the biggest analyst. You know what? Somethings are pretty obvious, you don't even need to realize or talk about them.

Don't we know who has been ruling our country from the past 24 years? Short term memory loss? It is our 'respectable' leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and Pakistani Peoples Party with the slogan of "Roti Kapra Makaan" headed by the 'honorable' President Asif Ali Zardari...

TWENTY FOUR years to run a country!! Imagine that! How lucky can you get? And what have we 'Awaam' got? Nothing. Still we are willing to vote for these parties. What badluck, can it be worst?

One party has broken all records of corruption. Most of its leaders are trying to run away from the country, I bet. I bet you, once Zardari is no more our president he won't even stay in this country, he will fly away and spend his life abroad. That is how much he loves Pakistan. This is how much our Ex-PM Gillani loves Pakistan, this is how much Raja Rental, Amin Fahim love Pakistan ... Most corrupt people, who have eaten this country, damaged it more than any enemy will ever. And look, how courageously they are asking for votes again?

Half the country was destroyed because of flood and our 'Honorable President' was enjoying in England. Balochis were dying in Hazara and their CM was enjoying in London consoling and announcing he will send tissue papers. Shame on us for selecting such people. People die in Karachi everyday and all the parties enjoyed their 5 years of democracy. Shame on us for electing such people.

This is our fault... I heard my neighbor saying that they will vote for Gillani because atleast he is a 'syed" ... shame on us. We will vote this party in Sindh because they have influence. We will vote for them because they have power.

Look at the other party. The LION, runs away from the country whenever there is a problem. Ramond Davis was released and 'Respectable PMLN' was out of the country, be it any problem on the country, Nawaz Sharif is out of country for checkup. Forgot the Mehran Bank scandal? Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was out of the country for a month. Ohh please, he is our leader. Lion.

Crying over President Musharraf's taking over, but no ... adding all the people to their party who were with Musharraf, just to have potential winners. How can such people serve Pakistan? Who only want to  be in power? No we are still willing to vote for them. Because now it is their 'turn'.

I can easily relate the example of my city. Over the past 5 years, Khadim e Aala Punjab, rarely ever visited Multan. Perhaps once or twice in one of the biggest city of the country. And we hear 42% of funds have been spend on South Punjab? I feel like laughing and crying at the same time. All I see is sand and broken everything here. Oh wait .. Metro Bus Service.. yes it will benefit whole punjab. Or umm Lahore is Punjab? I don't know ...

But wait .. the best part about us people is yet to come..

OMG Imran did this ... OH look see? one person has been added to PTI and he is corrupt. See? Imran Khan is making wrong decisions by doing this and that? Imran Khan is quiet these days. Oh he has done this, he will bring change? We won't vote for him, PTI won't win. PTI cannot win. They don't have elect-able candidates. Shame on us?

Elect-able seriously? Why don't you go and VOTE for PTI and 'elect' the right people yourself? No we are ready to vote for the tried and tested parties who have destroyed us who have no morals or ethics. Just for no reason.

We don't even know, we can't even see. Everything is infront of us... we know what is wrong, who is wrong. But we are blind and deaf, afraid of talking.

No wait he made one mistake so we won't vote for him, we will vote the most corrupt people AGAIN. Just because Imran Khan did this, this happened in PTI that happened so we won't. Oh look he had intra party elections and two out of 10000 had a fight.

Why don't we see the positive side? PTI gave us the right to elect our leaders from ourselves, you can be one, I can be one... I can actually do something now, instead of talking about it, posting about it on the internet. Why don't we have the courage to ask other corrupt parties to elect your own people? why are their supporters quiet? because their leader is 'honorable' and 'respectable' so we will not talk about whatever they have done wrong or are doing wrong...Get your facts right. YOU don't have the right to ask anytihng from your party leaders... Hmm ashamed?

My elders will tell me ... Oh beta, we have spend a life, we know the facts, you don't know anything about politics. Ahan? I know nothing about it sure, but I am not blind, everything is infront of my eyes.

We will sit infront of the TV, waiting anxiously for Imran Khan's speech, we will hope and talk about him. Elders will keep a news paper in front of them, with one eye on the TV.. waiting anxiously on what he will say ... youth know from their heart, they will talk about him but still ... no he is this and that .. elders will be like "I hope he is able to win But this and that "

I means seriously? You sit and talk? keep all the points aside.. can't you just try someone new? Someone who has not eaten up your country like others? someone who says he will not run away from the country like others, someone who says he will give YOU the opportunity to lead, someone who says his bank accounts are in this country and not abroad in dollars.

Dont you see people visit PTI rallies and Jalsa's on their own. They want change. While for other parties, people just visit for the famous PML Qeemay wala naan aur PPP ki Sindhi Biryani, just feel the difference.

I really hope we don't vote for the 'most corrupt and the richest Pakistani' Asif Ali Zardari and his party and I hope we don't vote for The biggest steel mill, sugar mill owner Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his party .. not again please ..

Please get over BHUTTO phobia and giving turns.

And wait .. Go out ... make things happen. Dont just sit and talk, prove it that you love your country.. I will .. I will vote for PTI and Imran Khan, I will go out and do my part in spreading awareness. I will make people around me vote for the right people. Because it is my country, and I love it.. And it is time.. we talk less and prove that we care.

Just beware: If you fail, if you choose the wrong people again, you don't have any right to talk about or cry at what will happen in the future.


  1. very true..we just don't have power to speak the truth..we just have a so-called ego..we just don't have the guts to get the good but we will go for the gangster..the only problem is that we look for a perfect person to come in and change us but we forget that WE have to change ourselves..nobody is perfect look for the better..peep into your heart and you will know THERE IS NO ONE IN PAKISTAN THAT IS COMPARABLE TO IMRAN KHAN IN COMMITMENT, BRAVERY, STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS, SINCERITY ETC..please be the part of change and don't be the part of propaganda; it is not against IMRAN KHAN but the PAKISTAN !! may ALLAH succeed all those who are striving for a positive change in PAKISTAN..

  2. Unfortunately I can't even vote because I am not of age. Btw all what you wrote was correct and I totally agree with you but if we look at the ground realities, people are still not going to change and vote for the right person. Sindhis love the name of bhutto and baby bilawal is doing his job. We are still too divided!

  3. So true. Some ppl just wont try to think positive because they have to make their point b its against Sir Imran Khan.
    May PTI win. Insha-Allah...!

  4. So true. Some ppl just wont try to think positive because they have to make their point b its against Sir Imran Khan.
    May PTI win. Insha-Allah...!