Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The idea of insecurity.

Never imagined what it could be,
This idea of insecurity.
I was eager to spread my wings, travel far and live my life on my own.
I was eager to cook by myself.
Bring money home.
Have a flat, live on my own.
I was eager to restart everything,
To build a world on my own.
That's why I left home
And went away discover the world outside.

And here i am staring at shadows
Having a party at the ceiling of my bedroom.
Listening those ambulances tring to fill my silence up.
Now that I live on my own.
Evenings are quiet as I pour noodles in a bowl
And walk to my computer to find sombody to chat with.
Perhaps my loneliness will fall down.
And when I walk out in the morning
Staredown liftless 7 storey building
I experience this idea of insecurity from you kept me unknowning. 
I miss my serene deep sleeps.
I miss the comfortable life you offered.
My heart tells me to return and fall back in your arms.
But cause I am a brave man, I'll  fight against those shadows, silence and the insecurity .
For being able to convey that idea of security.

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