Sunday, April 21, 2013

Solitude Pasandi.

Solitude means loneliness and pasandi means "preferring". "Solitude pasandi" is love of loneliness instead of social gatherings.

It never meant to be like this. This couldn't be My even inadvertent end.

Wake up in the morning, make a lot of noise, make a delicious breakfast then walk in the wet grass.

Embarrass the dawn, rubbing my cheek against the sun rays and say «Hello morning!» .

After a quick shower along with my still wet hair, a pair of glasses and my bicycle. Cold air freshening you up, for a long cheerful day. A colleague offering coffee, some reports finale, a particularly hilarious client, a balloon at the top of building next to my office, a violinist charming music at lunchtime, etc. Happiness used to be in those little events that usually make a day. Enjoyment popped from everywhere. Keeping me involved in my tiny little life...

However, I showed my self thirstier for even more happiness. A level up. An even more intense excitement, a degree in thrill scale..

I have become lonelier as I've ascended the social ladder. I've lost contact with people. I have get wed with night. Thus I cannot make my face hypocritical and address them a no more sincere «Hello ! ».

Why my world has lost it's magic ? A man who was fond of people, never being fed, always trying to talk, to exchange this little bit of life love he had. A woman, who always made people cry out of laugh, how come she forgot to smile for so long  ?

This is a busy world down here, hein ? That's what it means to grow up?

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