Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sun Lo kay Hum Mazdoor Hain - Jawad Ahmed.

This song is dedicated to the workers of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh all around the world.

Jawad Ahmad's Song "Sunn Lo Kay Hum Mazdoor Hain" to pay tribute to the workers of Baldia Factory, Karachi, who were burnt alive in the fire and for showing our solidarity with their families who are still suffering and facing miserable living conditions because of the man made disaster. It was a catastrophe that could easily have been prevented if the existing labour laws were more humane or were atleast properly implemented in Pakistan. This video song was officially released on February 6th, 2013, Lahore, Pakistan.

Artist: Jawad Ahmed
Song: Sun Lo Kay Hum Mazdoor Hain
Album: Mohabbat Aur Inqalab
Lyrics & Composed By: Jawad Ahmed
Music: Saad Sultan
Camera: Muhammad Arif
Editing: Z-Shan Kazmi
Directed By: Naeem Ul Hassan
Produced By: PILER & International Youth Movement

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