Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Written By: Amna Aziz

There's magic in the air,
I can see it, almost feel it prancing around.
That wild flower's growing higher than the others,
The river's running over the banks,
That sparrow's flying far and high, as far as the horizon,
The sun's glowing brighter than ever,
The wind's blowing in my face,
I'm flying, I'm flying, flying once more.
The flowers are blooming,
The birds are singing,
It's spring, it's spring, spring once more.
See the rainbow? And the sky?
All bright and gay
It's day, it's day, bright day once more.
Filled with the fragrance of sunflowers, daisies and sweet peas,
The air is cold, fresh and sweet
I can breathe, I can breathe, breathe once more.
Standing high above, I can see the world
Beautiful like a dream come true,
I can see, I can see, see it all once more.
I'm growing and understanding
The world's now in my grasp,
I'm going to have it, have it all once more.
Stars, like diamonds, are spread across the night sky
Seems a fantasy, but it's real, this world I'm in right now
I'm glad, I'm glad, glad once more.
I'm one with the flowers, the winds and the rivers,
The sun, the rainbow and the stars,
I'm free, I'm free, free once more.

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