Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Lazy lame life of Raafay.

Life is good when you start your day with a Pizza

Whenever I have to write something not sad, I write while playing music. It helps. If you are playing something slow eventually you will be sad, if you are listening something fast or lively you may end up on the happy side.

Happiness reminds me, Pakistan are playing poorly against South Africa in the five day format. Losing the first two matches and on the verge of being thrashed in the third. Never have I wished for a series to end quickly.

Quickness reminds me, I have been lazy as ever. I don't know is it the weather, or my blanket or myself. I just don't feel like doing anything these days. Oh well I NEVER feel like doing anything for that matter. -_-

Feeling reminds me, there are people who say stuff about you but they don't remember that same stuff can be said about them too. But you know who a better human being is? Who forgets and forgives. Remember again. People come and go, good ones will always stay on your side.

Forgiveness reminds me, you know what is the most difficult task for me? That task is to charge my cellphone. I mean how do you survive when there is no electricity from 9AM to 3PM.

Electricity reminds me, the weather has been good in the past few days. It has been raining. You find rain romantic on the first day, you find rain blessing on the second, you get tired of rain on the third day and you start hating rain on the fourth day, that is the case. Finally the sun is out though.

Sunshine reminds me, of good things. Err but.. what good has happened in the past month or so? I guess nothing. Maybe that I have watched a few movies, which I seldom find time to. Oh yes finished the season 'Rome' and I also loved 'The Notebook'.

The Notebook reminds me of books. I want to read Harry Potter again. I love it and is my all time favorite, but I have only read it once. Like just once? People have read it like TEN times.

People remind me, umm.. well they excite me. haha. With every passing day my belief that humans teach more than books is becoming stronger and stronger. Especially when you interact with people you have so much in common with, you feel like being friends with them from the beginning and they hate chocolates and they have cute nicknames. :D

Life is even better when you end your day with a Pizza

Chocolates remind me I have been awake since 7 in the morning, mama has been shouting for the past 30 minutes and the bell just rang, It must be the "Bartan dhonay wali Amma" My biggest critic of staying in bed late, so I better get going or else..

Farvel, se deg snart forh√•pentligvis med noe mer √• snakke om :D 


  1. I think you really need sleep! :P
    Nonetheless, enjoyed reading this. Could relate at some points!

  2. Hahaha I barely sleep, and thanks :P

  3. I have read harry potter Fourteen Times! A crazy potterhead! :D waise I don't think people can teach you more than books cause sometimes, well most of the times they are too shy to talk or maybe I am. Good to hear that someone sleeps like me

  4. FOURTEEN? That is too much :O
    Hahaha must be the most I have ever heard to be honest. and see people who come and go from your life, everyone gives you a lesson, good or bad.