Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happiness is ours to Find and Cherish

Written By: Amna Tariq

Sometimes for no apparent reason at all tears well up behind the eyes and all those unknown and muddled emotions find expression in a torrent of tears that fall from those troubles eyes. Without knowing why, you keep on weeping. You become withdrawn and distant, everything that was part of routine begins to appear strange and unwelcoming.

We, without realizing, base our day to day happiness and contentment on hopes and dreams, and the belief that they would soon come true. Then one day suddenly the bitter reality starts to penetrate the thin curtains of dreams, and then finally the thread-like curtains get torn and we are blinded; blinded by the ugly picture life assumes at that moment.
Those confusing and complex train of thoughts, triggered often by the littlest of things, makes it appear like the life we were living was a fantasy. The dreams, the hopes, the aspirations; all a falsehood. 
The truth, it seems, is that life is like the perpetually flowing waters. It is their fate to flow for all eternity regardless of everything and anything. It is like the Sun which has burned silently since the beginning of existence and will continue to do so till the very end. It appears that nothing we do or think will change the course of fate. Spirits dampen and depression sets in...

Just then, like a beacon of light, come our near and dear ones. Their affectionate and consoling words, warm and secure arms, belief in us to get through it all, understanding for all the unspoken fears and troubles, and above all the knowledge that their concern is genuine; works wonders on our melancholy state. We emerge from the dingy depths of gloom and pessimism, able to see the light once more. The birds chirp, flowers blossom, rainbows appear after so long and dreary a shower and the rain drops glitter like diamonds under the bright new Sun. 

Now that we have surfaced again and can see at the world around us once more, we come to realize how little those things were that nearly pushed us over the edge. How human to go through catastrophes and stand our ground but get worked up about mere trifles. Trials are part of life, just like happiness is. For how could we have known the beauty of colors if we hadn't seen darkness? What would have joy meant if sorrow were a meaningless word to us? And then life isn't about running for shelter from the rain, but about learning to dance in it, and this you can only do if you have faith in your hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

Life has its own variety of seasons, one may not like one or two of them but this is what life is about, isn't? With joy come tears too. Adversity brings out our very best selves. Only that heart can feel true happiness that has at one time known and experienced sorrow too. And it's only the good part that matter in the end.

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