Friday, August 3, 2012

Interesting Olympic Facts

In the modern Olympics history the performance of USA has been outstanding. In the 26 Olympic competitions so far USA has won 15 times, placed second 8 times and was third twice.

America has won a total of 929 Gold medals, which is a record.

Moscow Olympics were the only olympic games which were boycotted. Still 80 countries participated in it, most of the players from the countries who boycotted took part under the olympic flag.

Nine host countries have taken the top spot on the basis of Gold medals. USA have done it four times, France, China, Germany, UK and Russia have done it once.

The only gap during which Olympic games were not held was in 1916, 1940, 1944 due to first and second world war.

There have been eight heads of IOC so far under which 26 games have been organized.

Pakistan have participated in 15 Olympic games so far. Missing only the 1980 Moscow games.

The first time Olympic games were telecast live was in 1936 Berlin Olympics.

In 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, for the first time the term 'Summer Olympic Games' was used.

Los Angles Olympics in 1932 were the first time an Olympic Village was constructed for players.

In the 1912 Stockholm Olympics digital watches were used for the first time in Track and Field competition.

Swedish shooter, Oscar Swahn holds the record for the oldest player ever to have participated in Olympics at the age of 72, in the 1920 Games.

Olympic Games were also held in Athens 1906, but were announced illegal by IOC.

First Olympic flame was lit in the Amsterdam Olympics, 1928. While first Olympic torch was used in 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The first unofficial oath ceremony was held in 1920, while first official oath taking ceremony was held in 1972.

The first Olympic song was composed by Spyridon Samaras, that was played with 9 bands and 150 singers during the 1896 Athens Olympic games.

Lyrics of this song were by Kostis Palamas. It was declared the official Olympic song in 1960.

London will be the first city to hold Olympic Games thrice.

Amsterdam Olympic games were the first time sponsorship was introduced. When a famous soft drink company's logo was used.

The longest standing Olympic record was by Bob Beamon in 1968, which was broken 23 years later.

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