Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Funny, Sad and Strange.

Life can be funny sometimes. One day it shows you the best side and the next day it shows the worst side. Last month or so has been the same for me. Without going into much details, I was supposed to be operated for a reason and the weeks after getting this news were really tough on me, but when this toughness was getting worse thankfully the medicines worked and I'm feeling better now and the scary feeling is all gone, for now at least :D

This time my absence from writing was a forced one, without a stable Internet connection, electricity and addition of blog error didn't let me post anything for a week or two.  I remember two months ago I posted about my blog having 50000 blog views, thanks now the visitors have doubled and I also am getting very good and quality articles from my friends.
This actually was the aim from day one, gather talented writers at one platform and work for a change.

April hasn't been a good month for Pakistan. Firstly In Siachen 140 soldiers were buried alive under an avalanche and still their bodies have not been found, then the unfortunate incident of Bhoja Airline plane that was crashed taking away the lives of around 120 people and just while I'm writing this, a train blast in Lahore. add the Balochistan unrest, Karachi killings and the political instability, Pakistan is one messed up country right now. Looks like the bad old times are coming back once again.

One bright spot wad the Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf's Jalsa in Quetta. Although it was not as successful as the other ones, although there were no big breakthroughs that were expected but one can say PTI has rooted its feet in the province and after such a long time it was an opportunity for the Balochi people to gather at one place and most importantly sing the national anthem of Pakistan.

One thing is for sure, this in our hands to make PTI a successful party and bring a change in Pakistan. This for sure is the best chance ever especially for the youth to step forward and be the real changers instead of just talking. Praying that Allah gives strength to Imran Khan and PTI to win the elections and save us from this corrupt government.

My routine has really messed up to be honest. I sleep late night and wake up early in the morning and then all the day wander lazily here and there with nothing worthwhile to do. Well then what can I do when I can't use Internet or watch TV. I really need a rehabilitation plan soon and May-Aug will be the perfect time for that.

Bangladesh has been successful after multiple tries, and won't be touring Pakistan in the near future thanks to a strange event in which High Court has ordered a cricket team not to tour Pakistan. This for sure will be one and the only such decision in the history of Cricket and its obvious that India has played its part in the decision. Pakistan still have their cards hidden and I'm sure it will hurt Bangladesh bad. PPL is an idea which has been in the pipeline for a long time and its time we work on it and start Cricket in Pakistan again.

Will be going back to Islamabad in a week or so and the signs are obvious, life will soon take a new turn and things will change forever.

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