Thursday, March 8, 2012

No way back!

A poem by Maham Shahbaz

She sat alone on her bed and looked out...
She saw the world go on happily, while she was breaking apart 
she saw children play , while she played with her feelings 
she saw little girls dance , while she danced with her sorrow 
she saw a couple walk , while she left the one she loved
she saw ppl with a choice , while she had none
she saw happines all around from her castle of misery 

she remembered how things were...
Whenever she was with u , she was happy contended complete
the moment u went away , she felt like a criminal and she was lost 
she was a storm 
in a storm where you would hold her hand and show her the way 
in a storm where she somehow lost the one she loved
in a storm she is lost , blinded by the dust 
but y is it all around her?
The wind mocks her every time and the dust in her eyes loaths her 4 losing u
she remembers how easy it was to luv u 
she remembers hw easy it was to feel imp 
she remembers...the thoughts sufocate her 

she wants to fly away
she wants to run away 
she wants to go back
she wants to smile again 
she wants to 4get ,let go
but her memories r too good to b hidden away , to b forgotten
the problem is , she cnt stp feeling 
because she remembers , she remembers it all...


  1. beautiful but quite dark and gloomy but I don't mind that, as mostly people say, "ohh...why so sad?" , this is something really interesting!