Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Passion of Cricket In Pakistan.

Street Cricket Pakistan
For a country that has been the center of the war against terror, where internal rift has literally killed all hopes and taken away smiles from the faces of people, where bribery, corruption, fighting has demoralized everyone, Cricket was the only source of hope, smiles and cherish for the people. That too was taken away by the attack on the Srilankan players in February 2009 and until now the nation has been deprived of International Cricket for almost two years.

It is amazing to see that the love for the game has not died away and people still love the game. Many had feared that Cricket will die away slowly and gradually because people are not able to see their heroes and other international players on the grounds and their is no international Cricket in Pakistan but that's not true.

Even though Pakistan was stripped off the World Cup rights and the matches are being played in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh yet the excitement is all here to be seen. You turn on the television and you see every channel, literally every channel though be it sports, home or news channel have their analyst for every match giving their comments and opinions, You see the songs sung by different singers especially for the World Cup, You see all the promotional adds, Sign In to facebook you will find people sharing different videos, songs, status messages on the World Cup, You walk on the streets or play grounds you see people playing Cricket as if they are playing in the World Cup themselves, in many shopping malls and even in the Universities TV screens have been placed for the live cricket matches to be seen, you walk pass a group of people on the roads and they are talking about the match taking place. Everyone, young or old praying for Pakistan to win the World Cup and perform well. It's just so motivating to see all this.

Being a Pakistani I do also have hopes from my team and I pray that they win the World Cup, but regardless of that, one thing I'm sure of is that Cricket has already won in Pakistan, hope that Cricket returns to Pakistan as soon as possible.

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