Thursday, December 2, 2010

Five ways to earn money while blogging.

There were many articles relating to this topic on the internet and most of them had really strange ideas for the people who have just started to blog or want to earn money while blogging. Telling you the ruth I don't earn anything while blogging and there aren't any people visiting my blog daily or in huge numbers. Here are the five easiest and simplest of ways, no need to get into more complicated stuff.

1) Don't think about earning money, just think about what your heart says and write about it.

2) Don't try to over write anything. Just write as much as required and don't try to lengthen it.

3) If you write about that are are not relating to you then mostly write about the current topics that you think people will be interested to view and read about.

4) Although, mostly people have their own personal blog which is a good idea ofcourse, but why not have a blog with multiple people writing for it? A few mutual friends doing so wont be a bad idea.

5) Tell people about your blog in your school, university or where ever you are and convince them to visit. paste the link on the notice board, text friends and remind them to visit every now and then.

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