Friday, August 14, 2015

I am Pakistan

Peaceful Pakistan

I am Pakistan, people judge me from what they are told, people think I am negative, a terrorist, a lunatic and everything bad but wait, don't judge the book by its cover. Let me tell you about the real Pakistan.

I am not just terrorism, poverty and corruption. I am Abdus Sattar Edhi's philanthropy, I am Ansar Burney's compassion. I have the courage of Rashid Minhas. I possess the beauty of Sadequain's calligraphy. I am Arfa Karim's brilliance. I am Pervez Masih's sacrifice. I am Shahid Afridi's exuberance. I am Jahangir Khan's consistency. I am the innocence of Malala. I am the 1992 Cricket World Cup and the 2009 T20 World Cup. I am Sharmeen Obaid's Oscar. I am Cowasjee's Pen. I am Dr. Abdus Salam's Nobel Prize. I am Gulgee's masterstrokes. I am Noor Jehan and Mehdi Hasan's voice. I am Ayub Ommaya's invention. I am Adeeb Rizvi's humanitarianism.

I am home to the ancient civilizations of Indus valley, moenjodaro, taxila and harappa. Himalayas and the Hindu Kush are a part of me. The world's second highest mountain peak K2 is my strength. I am Shandur the highest polo ground in the world. I am Gawadar, one of the world's largest deep sea ports. Karakoram Highway the 8th wonder of the world resides within me. I have Khewra mies, the world's second largest and oldest salt mine. I am Shah Faisal Mosque the ninth largest mosque in the world. I am multi ethnic and I speak more than 60 languages.

I am the 6th largest country by population and 6th largest milk producer and the 4th largest cotton producer in the World. I have the 5th largest coal and gold reserves. I am blessed with the 10th largest workforce in the world. I have the 27th largest economy. I have the potential to become the 5th largest telecom market in the world. I am Asia's second best performing in stock exchange. I am the 9th largest English speaking nation in the world. I am the 7th largest standing armed force.

I am a country of 200 million people. I am an ever expanding middle class. A proud nuclear-armed state yet peace loving. I have the highest number of troops in UN peacekeeping missions. I am a model for survival. I am 100,000 deaths for global peace. I am epitome of resilience. I am hospitality. I am the sea of untapped potential. I am a goldmine of opportunities. I am love and peace, nice and sweet, smiles and laughter, brave and strong. I am the blood of 141 cute little kids of Peshawar.

I am the bravest nation in the world. Yes, I am Pakistan.

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