Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Spectacular Gift

Written By: Khulood Bahaa

It’s interesting how you’ve never asked Allah for a mother,
He knew you’d need one to comfort you, to love you, unlike any other.

A spectacular gift from the exalted indeed,
He molded you, He created you, He know all that you need.

An ear that can hear through concrete,
A warrior, for you nations she could defeat.

She endured pain and sufferings but never did she complain,
Your happiness, your comfort she only hoped to attain.

And believe me my friend,

There’s nothing like a heart that cared for you, since you were a mere cloth of blood,
or anything equivalent to her love that keep growing like a flower bud.

It’s fascinating how everything pales into insignificance beside her hugs,
that priceless feeling how from your worries of life it unplugs.

And what can compare to the one Heaven lies under?
She deserves your respect, take time and ponder.

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