Thursday, June 11, 2015

Splashing Waves

Splashing Water

Written By: Tahreem Naseem

Our heads are dangerous places, our thoughts are like a choppy, rocky sea, pushing back and forth, waves splashing against the sides of our skulls and screaming won't help because you can't drown your thoughts if you are drowning in yourself and they're filling up your arteries with anxiety. The waves crash and that's the sound of the whispers in your head the ones you hear thought your ears silently and in your heart, the ones that tell you that you aren't good enough and that falling asleep to never wake back up is an option when it shouldn't be. Help, it's overflowing, it's high tide in my head. The waves are spewing over, I have to let some water out. And I feel the tears they are streaming down my face like saltwater in the most beautiful beach. Rough are the tidal in my brain when I'm trying to concentrate and when I'm trying to live my fvcking life but I'm distracted by the crashing of the ocean in cranium-- full of all the things I have never said and all the things I want to write down but I can't find the time to bleed out these things that bother me. There is a sea inside of me, full of wonder and depression excitement and anxiety, and quite frankly, I'm slowly forgetting how to swim • "seasickness while standing up straight; there's a sea inside of me"

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