Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Explaining Colors to Blind

Written By: Sana Tariq

How would you explain color to a blind man?

Hold his hand, tell him the warmth he feels is the color yellow – encompassing, vibrant and free.

Kiss his cheek, tell him the softness on his stubble is pink – feminine, sweet and fragrant.

Walk with him barefooted on the morning grass, tell him the freshness under his feet is green – unique, healing and kind.

Make him love/hate you, tell him the passion he feels is red – frenzied, out of control yet beautiful.

Take him to a beach someday, tell him what he hears is blue– clean, transparent and strong.

Let him help someone else for change, tell him the happiness he feels is white – pure, innocent and serene.

Hold his hand and leave him stranded on a lonely place, tell him the helplessness he felt was grey – confusing, dull and out of hand.

Make him close his eyes at last, tell him what he sees is, is black – deep, dark and infinite.

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