Sunday, May 3, 2015

Travelouge: Etang de Berre, In the Southern France.


C'est digne d'une carte postale.

No, this photo was not retouched, it's just take, at the right moment at the right place

This is a very Frenchy bench :]

Sunset, the never ending poem of waves, a rocky bay, a light house. 

What do we need more ? 

the extent...

A very special beach...


Raising of the curtains !

The sun

 The palms of Martigues, provincial Venus.

We all want a yatche by this time ... 

The sea and thegrass...

The translucent water! 

The coast, Martigues. 

The extent. I do not even know, where I come from ... 

It's just a bit scary, but leads to a mind blowing view !

Théâtre Jean Giono, Vitrolles.

Squint, you'll see several lines of hills :]

We are good here, aren't we? 

What is the importance of a human here? 

going back ! attention !


Le rocher, vitrolles


Cliffs :)

another sunset ;)

Another sunset :)

Chinese shadows :)

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