Friday, May 15, 2015

Land of the Lost

Written By: Komal Aziz.

What didn't they do? To get us this piece of land?

What haven't we done? To give it all away?

My eyes are wet with tears of blood, as I see my country, my Pakistan, turning from 'The Land of the Pure' to 'The Land of the Lost'. Its true, that we are lost. We are lost because we don't know who we are anymore, we don't see anyone for who they really are, frustration has taken its place permanently in our veins, and we have turned into our own enemies.

Frankly speaking, blaming America for the drone attacks, terrorists for the killings and politicians for almost every little problem is just another lame justification of what has become of this nation. We are the ones, who have turned this nation into what it is today. We, are killing our own people. We, are the reason Pakistan is not as stable as it should have been.

Don't you think the white and green flag we call ours should be respected? If yes, then is that what we're doing? How would you feel if you are your class representative but all teachers pick different students for their work? Useless? Please don't make our flag look useless, and please stop raising different flags instead of our national one. Stop dividing yourselves into parties.

What's the point of all this quarreling when in the end, its basically Pakistan against the rest of the world? Right now, all that's happening here in this country must look hilarious to the world outside. The whole world stares at us and no wonder laughs while we turn into monsters and tear ourselves apart. Stop this insanity. Stop acting like fools just because you think acting wise won't bear any fruit. Becoming fools like our politicians won't bring us any peace either. How about standing up for our rights?

How about uniting as one, no matter who you support, Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan. Because at the end of the day, we all are Pakistanis. 

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